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there are many good reasons to switch from your current Windows or Mac operating system to lyrics.
The new Lenox distributions are extremely, very polished, looks beautiful out of the box and offers a lot of flexibility in terms of user interfaces, customization and tweaking the operating system itself.
But before you make the switch, there are a few things that you should know.
So hey guys, what's up?
Welcome to expiate Tech.
I'm beneath, and these are five things that you should know before switching to first.
And probably the most important is the selection off right Lennox Distribution for you, Lennox Colonel Being free and open source.
Anybody with a keen computer knowledge can build his or her only next distribution by using the colonel and combining it with few packages like display server, user interface and application software.
Therefore, there hundreds offline X distribution out there.
Hence choosing the right Kleenex distribution is extremely important and will be a significant factor in deciding your overall experience with the next operating system.
Someone exhibition are made with specific audience or user in mind.
For example, are Shalin ox or Fedora Lennox or first cutting edge technology with latest soft face, while Debian preface stability over incorporating new software.
Somebody next distribution gives support for five years, while many others offer support for only a year.
But if you're unsure, I would suggest you try Boon to our Lennox Mint at the start.
But you don't have to limit yourself to these operating system you.
If you do not like it, you can always try something else that works best for you.
Second is hardware compatibility.
This is probably the biggest reason why most off the new user switch back to their old operating system.
A few years back, Lennox distribution were terrible at hardware compatibility.
Nobody wants to be in a situation we're after installing a new operating system.
You realize that the trackpad or WiFi doesn't work because there are no drivers available.
Therefore, I highly recommend that before you install a Lennox exhibition, first check out the distribution website and look for the hardware compatibility with your laptop desktop or whatever device you're installing it on.
You can also go to the next ash drivers dot com and search for your distribution day.
You boon to is by far the most hardly compatible distribution that I have found they're hard with certified website also helps quite a lot in searching for your specific device.
But I'm not saying that other distributions are not good.
You just have to spend a little time on the Web site to make sure hardware on your computer is compatible.
Third is the software depository and package managers.
There's no use off installing a distribution if it doesn't have essential applications like a good office suit, email client music player, etcetera.
Just because it's free, it will not serve any real purpose.
Every Lee next exhibition has its own depository or start off warehouse off software strong where you can download and install a software on your computer.
The application for installing, removing are updating the software.
It's called package Manager.
So both the number off packages in Europe Oh, story and the package manager is extremely important.
For many people, installing a software from a command line terminal can be a little too much to ask for Don't nowadays, majority off the next exhibition comes with GWI based package managers.
So before installing, find out if the distribution comes with agree based package manager and more importantly, if the distribution has all the software is that you need in its repertory?
Distributions like one to the next Mint or Debian has the most number off software's available.
In its report story, you can find all this information in the distribution website.
Also nowadays, many distribution has preinstalled software that allows you to run Windows Program on Lennox I have reviewed for such software is in my previous video.
You can check that out by clicking on the top right corner off your screen.
I'll suppose the link off the video in the description below at number four is the desktop environment are essentially the user interface.
The next offer a turnoff options as far as desktop environment or the look and feel off the desk, Trump goes almost all anus distribution has a primary desktop environment.
There are distributions, like fedora, that have multiple installation images based on various desktop environment, which are called Spence.
For example, Fedora hasn't except see Alex de Gnome, Katie Made and Cinnamon Spence.
Apart from difference in look and feel.
Desktop environment also differs in a moment of customization and tweaks that can be done to the destiny.
It also influences If the system will be light or heavy on system resources.
The four mean desktop environments are known Katie X.
FC and Alexi Alexi being the lightest on system resources.
While Katie has the maximum amount of customization that can be done.
They're also fuel the next distribution.
For example, Zoran Lewis that strips with a user interfere similar to Windows so that a user switching from these operating system feels familiar while using the computer last but definitely not the least, is the community or the support behind the project.
A strong community is extremely important and can help you a lot in case you face any issue with the distribution.
If the distribution has a strong community, they help you instantly with any issue or has a community forum where you can post your issues.
Since Linux distribution are free off course, there's no guarantee that the distribution will not close or shut down from working all together in new future.
And they've been has a long history behind it, and it's sort off the grand old man off limits distribution for a long time.
It has defined what L.
A next distribution is boon to fedora, and dip indoors has a strong support from their corporate owners.
So definitely look for these things when choosing a Linux distribution for you arrested.
That was all.
Now that you're a veer off these things, I would say Just spend some time, go through the distribution website, search for all these informations and then cry alone next distribution that suits best for you.
I'm sure you'll definitely have good experience and enjoy this open source world off Lennox Systems Thank you guys for watching this video.
If you like this video kindly, presto like button.
If you have any comment or cessation, do type that an indica mint box.
And if you want to see more such videos, kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel.
Thank you again for watching, and I'll see you next time.



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