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he's a review from BBC Learning English.
Hello and welcome to news, Ravi, the program where we give you the language from the latest news stories and teach you how to use it in your everyday English.
Hi, I'm Neal.
Joining Mei is Georgina.
Hi, Georgina.
Hi, everyone.
So what's our story today?
We've got a story about how vaping might not be as risk free as some thought.
Okay, vaping and the potential risks.
Let's hear more from this.
BBC Radio Two news bulletin.
A teenage boy who almost died after using e cigarettes has urged people not to take up vaping.
Doctor say you and Fisher, who's 19 and from Nottingham, suffered a catastrophic reaction is lungs that left him unable to breathe.
Health officials said Vaping was not risk free but was still better than smoking.
Professor John Britain from the UK Center for Alcohol and Tobacco Studies says it's a difficult issue.
Have you ever smoked in here?
I have never been a smoker.
How about you?
But do you think you take up vaping?
It's not really on my list of priorities to take up vaping, To be honest, no, but certainly Maura and more people are vaping.
So this new story will be really interesting to them.
So a young man called Yuen Fisher is quoted as urging people to not ve because he nearly died after Vaping for just five months.
In fact, he ended up on life support machine s o The advantages are vaping over smoking our little less clear than we'd like.
Thio here.
Professor John Britain asserts, if you do smoke, vaping is a better alternative but says if you don't smoke, don't start vaping It would be madness.
He actually said, Don't worry, Professor Britain.
I'm not going to.
Okay, You've been looking around at this story.
You've picked out three words and expressions.
What are they?
The 1st 1 is vaping triggered on dhe at your peril vaping triggered and at your peril.
So let's have a look at that First word and you're first headline, please.
The first headline is British teenager who almost died from lung failure after vaping warns others not to use e cigarettes.
Okay, that's from the evening standard vaping using electronic smoking devices.
Yes, so we use is to talk about the activity off vaping off similar to smoking your cigarettes, but you're no actually smoking because there's no smoke, no smoke whatsoever.
There is a vapor on that's made in the E cigarettes, so liquid is turned to vapor and that's what you actually smoking.
In fact, the word was created because to fill we didn't have a word to describe this activity because it's a new thing quite well, relatively new.
So it wasn't until 2014.
It became word of the year in Oxford Dictionary.
So is it's very, very new.
Okay, so vaping is the activity as smoking is the activity?
Yes, the verb is to smoke.
What's the verb with vaping to Vape?
Wow on is very regular as well.
Like smoke.
It's what smokers smoke smoked, smoked Vape is Vape ve ped ve ped only one p That's important Jet, Remember?
Otherwise it would be vap which would not be correct.
Um okay, so I can ask you using a perfect tense Have you ever Vape tw No, I have never Vape tw I am not a vapor, which is the noun of the person that we call somebody who rapes just like a smoker of vapor.
Yes, exactly.
Okay, I think That's all we need to know about Vaping.
Let's move on now to our second headline.
So our second headline is from the Sun Is Vape alert.
Teenage boys, 16 nearly died after vaping triggered catastrophic lung damage in just five months.
So, quite interestingly, in the other articles, it says nineteen's.
We're not quite sure of the exact age.
Okay, So triggered meaning caused something toe happen.
So the verb, it's about t r i g g e r e d.
And it comes from the verb to trigger.
Now I know what a trigger is.
It's on a gun.
You pull the trigger on the bullet comes out.
So the trigger causes the bullet to fly out off the gun or to come out of the gun on.
This is what is happening in this meaning as well.
So it is a trigger.
Is the cause off something to happen?
Okay, so in this case, vaping caused you in to become very, very sick on dhe.
Yeah, that's why he's warning other people not to do it.
So it triggered his illness, triggered his owners, and it's used most often in a negative context.
Okay, for example, the excessive rainfall triggered flooding.
Okay, Flooding being bad, Being bad yet?
Too much water, Um, or the heat wave triggered forest fires.
Forest fires being bad?
So we don't use it with a positive.
So I couldn't say.
For example, uh, I went to this comedy night and the guy told this joke and it triggered loads of laughter.
You could, but that would be very strange.
Yeah, but maybe if I said he told a really offensive joke and it triggered a walkout.
Now that is much, much better way to use it because it's something that is negative on gets quite serious as well.
It's not used in kind of frivolous, funny kind of context.
Okay, well, in news of you, as you know, we like to teach you English using new stories, but we have another Siri's that does exactly the same thing.
It's called a lingo hack, and I think you need to check it out, especially if you're interested in health stories like this one.
So, Georgina, what is what is the What's the story where it's called learned words from the news on the theme off Health, where Can they find it?
Well, go to the bottom of here and you can get.
Find the link, But don't press it yet.
Wait to the end of news review indeed.
Where the end?
Okay, let's now look at our final headline, please.
Our final headline is from The Telegraph.
It says Vape Actual peril.
Doctors worn as they reveal teenage boy Contracted life threatening condition at your peril at your own risk.
Yes, that word peril.
That means danger.
Yeah, no, not just a little bit of danger.
A lot of danger.
Like danger off.
You're losing your life or get severely injuring yourself.
So it's normally used to warn people that if they do something, it might be a dangerous or hazardous to their lives.
Um, again, it's mainly used in a negative way S o, for example.
You might hear them say, Walk on the train tracks at your peril.
So at your own risk, So it's dangerous.
If you want to do it, that's fine, but you could risk your life doing it.
If you're driving tired, you might see a sign saying yes.
Ignore the signs of tiredness at your peril.
I think there is something similar to that on the motorways.
Actually, maybe not quite like that.
But that was like me this morning.
I should have got a coffee.
Yes, he should.
Um if you steal one of Rob's biscuits, what happens?
Well, yeah, that's a very, very serious situation.
And basically, what might happen is that you may still rob's last biscuit.
Actual peril?
Something that you can only do actual peril.
Yeah, because you have to evacuate the building purchase and other packet of biscuits.
Return on, Give him the entire packet.
Bring it.
And, ah, vocabulary.
Recap, please.
The vocabulary this week is watts, or is vaping using electronic smoking devices triggered caused something toe happen on dhe at your peril at your own risk.
If you would like to test yourself on this vocabulary, there's a quiz on our website where you can find all kinds of other activities to help you improve your English.
Thanks for joining us.
And good bye.
He's a review from BBC Learning English.
Hi, everyone.
We hope you enjoyed that video on.
Thank you very much for watching.
We have so many more.
Just like it.
So if you don't want to miss a single one.
Make sure to subscribe and we will see you regularly hope to see you soon.
Bye, guys.


Teen nearly dies from vaping - Watch News Review

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