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Katie E.
Desktop environment was started in 1996 to give Lennox users and open source option to the den prevalent but proprietary.
See the e desktop environment.
Since its first release, there has been huge improvement on the feature rich desktop environment with lots of customization.
Options has all the potential to be the ultimate desktop environment for a Lennox user, and it also gives serious competition to the desktop environments across all platforms, including Windows and Mac.
So what's up?
Everyone you're watching experience Tech I'm beneath And this is the review off Katie, either.
Stop environment, Theo.
Now, I have already done a video on popular desktop environments in Lenox.
A long way back we're in have covered the story part off Katie that stop environment.
So I'm not going to repeat that here instead, in this video will understand the features off Katie to a live demo, although I do recommend you to check out that video Israel by clicking on this link on your screen.
All right, so this is the K T E plasma version number 5.4 point three running on the latest and updated tumbleweed version off open suse Linux now, before we begin exploring the desktop environment first, let's understand.
Kitty the Kitty There Stop Environment consists of three parts.
Kiddie workspace, which is essentially the Gui part, and the current version is called Katie Plants My Fife.
Next is the Frame book, which contains Katie libraries, and service is required to run kitty applications.
And at last you have the Katie applications, which are the software's that comes bundled in video.
Katie, either Stop environment.
All right, now, let's check out the plasma workspace, not.
This is the default lee out off plasma at the bottom.
You have the family, a task bar or in Katie.
It's called the panel now running from left to right.
You first have the applications menu, which gives you list off all the program installed on your computer in their respective categories.
On on the left, you have the shortcuts to your favorite programs, and at the bottom, you have the regular law goat restart and shut down buttons.
Now I can change the layout off kiddie menu to a dashboard style by right clicking on the Katie icon and choosing alternatives and then choose application dashboard.
And here you have all the programs in a dashboard style.
Now you can also changed the layout off applications.
When you two are launches time again, going to alternatives and choosing application launcher.
And here you have the layout off.
The applications changed to launch a style.
All right, so you can change it to your personal preference.
And according to the signs off your screen, next is the virtual desktops.
No, By default you get two desktops, but you can add more that stops or delete them by going into the virtual desktop settings.
Now the quickest way to go into a setting is by using the killer applications.
So on the desktop you start typing your search text, and here you have settings for virtual desktop.
Let's click on it, and let's increase the number off desktops too full and click on apply.
And there you have four, virtually the stops not talking more about the killer application.
This is an extremely powerful and useful application that not only searches your files and folders or a setting in, you're always but also can be used to run a shell command or to open a webpage.
So if I type in youtube dot com.
So this will open the browser and give you the page so extremely powerful application.
And if you're not on the desktop, you can invoke here on Earth by pressing all time and space bar keys together.
All right, next to you have these pace for your open windows are open programs here.
Also, you get three alternatives to get only the icons off the open applications.
Or you can get a list off all the open application in a window.
Here you have the list off all doable implication.
Apparently, I have only one.
All right now, let's close this and change the setting back to the task manager's tile.
All right, next on the right.
Inside, you have the system tree with notifications, icon shortcuts to your Bluetooth and volume settings, and then you have the regular time and date settings.
Now you can also add and remove shortcut icons from the system tree.
But this is pretty simple, and I leave that now on the extreme right.
You have this button, which can be used to move this panel on any side of the screen, or you can adjust the height off the panel or you have more settings for your panel now getting back to the desktop, There are many more options to customize your desktop as per your liking.
No, you can go to the corn figure desktop setting and choose a different team for your desk top.
So if you do not like the dark team, you can choose lighter or bright team and click on Apply.
As you can see, we now have ah pretty bright and a light team.
Or you can individually change the desktop team or the cursor team.
You can also change the color off your windows, your title bar, the menu bar.
So let's say we want to have this Norway color scheme and click on a play.
So as you can see the title bar color has changed.
So is the color off the window background.
Now you can also change the font, the icons, the application style.
So instead of breeze, you can have the G t K, which is the style using gnome desktop environment.
So they're tons off settings.
You can also change the start up and shut down background and the animation now on the desktop.
You can also add digits now This is the video.
It's menu again.
You have lots off option here.
Now let's say we wantto used a rigid clock and also used the notes fidget.
You can also resize it and move it to the corner.
Same goes with this.
Let's move it to the corner so you can add and numbers of ridge.
It's on your desk top.
One more thing that you have in Katie is the activities there Stop, which is like a virtual desktop.
But you can have different wallpapers and difference that sauvage it in each activity desktop.
So, for example, let's goto activities.
And right now I only have one activity desktop.
Let's create another one and let's name it as home.
Let's go to this desktop and here I can choose a different ball people.
Let's see this one, and also we can have different set off bridges here.
So let's say we want to have a browser on Let's resize it.
And now if we go back to our previous activities deck stop, you can see that we have retained our previous wallpaper and previous visits, So this is also very useful.
Veer off having a virtual desktop and That was all that I wanted to show you.
As far as the VOCs pace is concerned.
As I said, Katie also comes bundled with some of the kitty applications.
So as you can see, you have K Torrent Cavell a manager que note skin it.
Attention came Oh, stool and lots and lots of other important applications that comes preinstalled with decay The the stop environment.
So that was all about Katie.
Thank you guys for watching this.
If you like this video kindly, President like button, If you have any comment a suggestion, please.
Time that indica mint box.
And if you want to see more such videos kindly subscribed to expiate stick channel Thank you again for watching this sentence you next time.



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