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  • Hey, guys, what's up?

  • Welcome to experience Tech.

  • I'm beneath, and it's been a year since the release on June, the current washing off Elementary always, and we have not seen any point release from elementary since then, which might let you think that there has not been many updates or changes to the district.

  • And that's not true.

  • See, unlike other popular destroys, for example, depend on us that do point releases every three months.

  • Elementary does not do point releases frequently, however, it provides monthly updates to the district that many times have more changes than point releases off some distress.

  • So today's video is about various monthly updates and changes introduced to elementary in the last 12 months since the release off June, and there have been quite a lot of them.

  • So let's start produce video.

  • No elementary is a destroyed that I have been using since long time.

  • In fact, my first few videos were recorded on elementary.

  • It's popular for its gorgeous and stunning desktop, which is something that Lennox destroy were not known for before the arrival off Elementary.

  • Always the panty on desktop off elementary has been the main USB since the beginning, and it's one of the most elegant looking there stop that you would ever see on a computer.

  • And being a huge fan off beautiful user interface Elementary has always been one of my favorite Lennox.

  • Destroy the close Second is deep in Lenox.

  • But with all the controversy regarding spying and controlling by Chinese government, Elementary is still the first choice for many Lynn Ex users.

  • All right now, let's talk about the changes.

  • The most noticeable changed with the Destroyer was introduced in August update with the brand new design off log in screen, which elementary calls greater screen.

  • This is the new look off the log in stream, and I think it looks really clean and minimal and goes to the oral teaming off elementary.

  • Always.

  • I like this abductor design, however.

  • It is not the finished product yet in their monthly block.

  • Daniel, for the founder off Elementary, shared the concept that they're working on, and I think the final version is going to look really nice now as far as the changes to the desktop.

  • First, let's talk about the top panel.

  • The Lagos menu at the right corner has been updated with addition off settle, fade out effect to start an end off the list.

  • Keyboard shortcuts are also displayed next to the lock and load options.

  • A new separate icon has been introduced for Wired Connection, so now both wired and WiFi connection has their own dedicated Aikens.

  • Next, the Bluetooth I could now recognizes the device and automatically shows the appropriate Aiken when you connect a Bluetooth device.

  • It also now shows the status off connection for each device next at the center, off the top, and you have the date and time indicator, which has also got a few updates.

  • Now you see a dart for events on each day, plus aside pain that shows the selected day's events.

  • We're talking about the calendar.

  • The calendar APP itself was revamped in March, giving it more modern look with addition off color options for different events.

  • Neither left corner off depend.

  • The application menu has also got a new feature where now they have added few key votes to recognize the settings.

  • Even if you don't type the exact match, for example, if you type reboot, it now shows the appropriate restart setting or it next.

  • Let's talk about the app center.

  • A few new categories, like communication, finance and media production has been added to the home screen.

  • No.

  • One of the biggest change here is the support for flat back packages.

  • Now Elementary supports Flag back out of the box, which is a huge progress in the right direction.

  • And address is one of the biggest issue awfully Next Destro's, which is different package manager for different Destro's.

  • Another change is that ABS, with multiple version from flat back or a boon to repose, will show a drop down list off available version so that users against leg devotion off their choice.

  • A new warning dialog boxes added.

  • Which alerts you when you install any off the non curated abs, which are APS that have not been tested and verified by elementary.

  • Another feature that has added is the ability to browse and install amps even while you're not connected to the Internet or it.

  • Next, let's talk about the settings up now first under display.

  • The H I V P.

  • A setting doesn't require you to restart the system toe, apply scaling, and also the automatic option is now gone.

  • There's only low pixel n double pixel for HIV GPS killing and the deformed is low pixel.

  • The date and time pain has also been revamped, and now the time zone map is gone, which is replaced by automatic time zone setting.

  • The mouse and touch pad pain has also been revamped.

  • Now you have three separate taps with dedicate attempts for touch, pad and most new feature introduced here are Long press second Re Click and the ability to ignore the touch pad when an external most is connected.

  • Or so that was all the changes in the settings up the next day is a new on boarding app, similar to the welcome app Off Fedora and many other districts.

  • It runs at the first restart after you install the U.

  • S.

  • And gives Basic guide a sort of introduction to element us and also lets you personalize the destined by giving you options to customize.

  • Few settings are so these were some of the new changes.

  • They have also been few changes to the files, app and some subtle changes to the overall style sheet off various elements off user interface.

  • No one feature dentist under progress and I'm really looking forward to is the elementary distorted dark more.

  • Now we know that elementary is working on it.

  • And they teased us in their monthly blogged in May.

  • It looks amazing, and I cannot wait to try it.

  • Hopefully it gets released with the elementary 5.1 release.

  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • All right, so that was all about elementary updates.

  • I thank you for watching this video.

  • If you like this video, you know, the drill president, like Britain had subscribe and mention your feedback in the comment section.

  • Thank you to all the subscribers for supporting me.

  • You are the real reason why I make videos or I thank you again for watching and I'll see you next time.

Hey, guys, what's up?


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