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  • *Intro music*

  • Hey. It's Disney World, and it's magic hours

  • which means nobody is here so we get to ride everything

  • But we've always had this fear of Space Mountain

  • that if you put your arms up you'll get 'em chopped off

  • so we got this trick we do, show 'em man

  • This is what we do, because at Space Mountain,

  • there's absolutely no way you can get your arms chopped off

  • if you do "little arms," we call it

  • Let's be honest: this is why you go to Disney World, right here

  • We're the last ones to ride space mountain tonight

  • *Recording over PA*: Remain seated, and keep your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the rocket

  • And watch your children

  • You're clear for launch!

  • Girl 1: Wahoo! Girl 2: Yay!

  • Destin: Awesome!

  • *Screaming*

  • *Screaming*

  • Destin: Well done

  • Destin: Nice

  • Hey, it's me, Destin, and I met some really cool workers at Space Mountain

  • And they're gonna tell you something you didn't know, so you can get Smarter Every Day

  • Destin: Tell me something about Space Mountain

  • Emily: It's 27 miles an hour (both sides) on the track

  • Lesly: Contrary to popular belief, "A side" and "B side" are Alpha and Omega

  • They are the same

  • Destin: Space Mountain is the same - it's symmetric

  • I didn't know that. Do you know something else?

  • Katie: Sure. There is no Rocket #13

  • Destin: There's no Rocket #13?

  • Katie: We have one through twelve, and then sixteen to thirty-one

  • Destin: That's awesome! Does anybody else know anything?

  • Emily: Your hands will not get chopped off if you go like this-

  • *Interrupting* Lesly: Yes! You can put your hands in the air!

  • Emily: You can put your hands in the air

  • Destin: I have been scared ALL WEEK about putting my hands up

  • And they said they won't get chopped off

  • Lesly: But don't put 'em up in the tunnel

  • Wait until you get out of the tunnel-

  • *Interrupting* Destin: You have to be out of the tunnel. 'Cause we can touch the tunnel

  • Alright

  • *Laughs*

  • Chelsea: Only attraction with no hidden Mickeys

  • Destin: No hidden Mickeys?

  • Chelsea: No hidden Mickeys

  • It was also built in 1975 and has been the same track since 1975

  • Destin: Really?

  • Chelsea: It's completely designed by Walt Disney and took 10 years to build

  • Destin: That's awesome

  • *Group applauds* *Repeating* Destin: That's awesome

  • Destin: Thanks guys. Have a great one.

  • Staff: You're welcome. Have a great weekend! Staff: Bye

  • *Flamboyant* You are getting smarter every day

  • Destin: Dude, there's people everywhere scared of getting their arms chopped off

  • What's up with that? Look at these people!

  • *Music*

  • *Distorted lyrics*: Smarter

  • *Distorted lyrics*: Every

  • *Distorted lyrics*: Day

*Intro music*


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宇宙の山の恐怖-スマートな毎日12 (Space Mountain Fears - Smarter Every Day 12)

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