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Hey, guys, what's up?
Welcome to experience Tech.
I am beneath and in today's video will check out the latest version off Open to sleep, which is no number 15.
Last one was Lee, 42.
So the changes numbering is for keeping it more in line fits loosely next enterprise, which is also at version number 15 and there have been few other important changes to the distribution as well.
So let's check them out.
For those of you not aware with Open Sewers, Lennox, it's a community driven project sponsored by Susie Next, which also has a paid enterprise version called Sues Lennox.
Enterprise board distribution share the same relation as there is between Fedora and Red Hartley.
Next, the paid version is mostly used in big corporation running, Linux based technologies for their businesses, however vividly 15 the relationship has become a lot more stronger and cohesive as now you can migrate from the free version two paid version very easily and seamlessly.
I will talk about this in a vile but first let's get the basic stuff out of the way.
All right, open Seuss has to work.
Shins are rolling release called tumbleweed, which is a bleeding edge destroy this version gets frequent updates as and when they're released.
The second is a fixed release version called Leap.
This is a stable version off open suits free from bugs and errors, as all the software is our first thoroughly tested before they're pushed to the leap ripples.
But the downside here is that you have software that are off little older version, then tumbleweed.
But this is the compromise that you have to make for getting a stable Lennox distribution.
And it is the same case across all the next Destro's okay, no moving to the current version.
The installation image is quite heavy at 3.6 g.
B, and also you need a fairly more than system to run open suits.
Also, it doesn't support touch it.
A big system, which is a direction that almost all the next distribution is now taking.
The installation awfully 15 is pretty standard limits installed, with one exception.
There is this user interface screen that lets you choose a rule for your system so you can select if you want, or the stock workstation or silver for district.
There are two popular desktop environment available.
Katie and no, except see that stop is also available but hidden in the custom.
Many with Lee 15 a new option is introduced, which is called Transactional Server.
This option essentially makes the process off updating the system, especially updating server less risky.
If you choose transaction and sever, it makes the root file system as read only.
So when you run updates on your system, it does not touch or corrupt your stable system.
The updates are either fully applied or not applied at on this address the problem off partial update when the update about in the middle.
Also, if the update feels or you find it incompatible with your software, you can quickly discard to immediately return the system Tau a previously good stable condition.
So this gives the system administrator some peace of mind when it comes to updating servers, which you know can be a real pain sometimes.
So I installed leave 15 with Katie, They stopped.
It runs plasma 5.12 and the Lenox Colonel is the latest version 4.1 toe.
No, As I said, the software available here are off little older version, but they're totally tested and due to this, the entire the stop is very stable.
This is essential if you are planning to use it for your business, are doing any commercial stuff on it.
Not the biggest change with this year update is the ability to easily migrate from open suits too seriously.
Next enterprise.
This is possible because now both distribution share the same core system and system binaries.
This has few advantages.
One, The free version is no more stable as it is using the same by injuries that are used in PE diversion.
Second, you get good support for variety off different hardware.
So it is best for small businesses and developers or anybody using Lennox for commercial purpose as they can run this offer on open suits.
And if they feel it works for them, they can migrate the system to SuSE Linux enterprise without the need for reinstalling or redoing everything from the start and the entire process.
Off migration is complete in just 10 steps.
Next is the Display server villain, which makes its way to open source.
Leave 15.
For those who do not know, villain is the latest display server for limits set to replace the legacy ex Orc and is already being adopted by all major distribution.
But the technology is still not completely ready yet, and we're still in transition.
Fase so X R is still the default display server.
All right, next, let's encrypt is no available in the official report off leave.
This tool lets you generate automated as a self certificate for your website so you can get Stu TPS in ur and the green padlock in the address bar, which represent safe and Secure website.
And there are many other changes to the software's as well.
For a detailed list off all the changes, you can check out this page.
I'll post the link off this webpage in the description off this video.
But the thing that makes this distribution special is it's all in one control center, too.
Yes, that is a Negro name.
Off yet another set of tools.
This tool has all the tweaking option.
It lets you in stall or remove software, install drivers for hardware and all other such tweaks in a graphical interface, which is really helpful for newcomers.
Or is it that was all open Source is a great linen distribution has a long and rich history Ah, great community and one of the most stable Lennox distribution out there.
The only downside here is it's destroy specific tools like Super, which, though, is efficient than apt.
But if you're coming from a nobody to Oregon to based distribution, there's a bit off learning curve here arrested that was all Thank you guys for watching this video.
If you like this video, kindly press the like button.
If you have any comments, tradition or feedback, do tied that in indica mint box.
And if you want to see more such videos in future, do subscribe to expiate Sectional.
Thank you again for watching this video, and I'll see you next time.


openSUSE Leap 15 : Made for Serious Linux Users!

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 26 日 に公開
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