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  • welcome, everyone.

  • This is beneath and you're watching Experience.

  • Tech Gnome Desktop.

  • One of the most widely used Lee next desktop Environment, released its latest Washing known 3.28 last month, and it took around 15 to 20 days.

  • For it to arrive in the stable repose off Major Lennox distribution.

  • So today's video is a quick update on what's new in Nome.

  • Treatment to it, and there has been many improvements and tweak this time around.

  • So let's begin.

  • All right, I'm going to start with the visual changes on the desktop.

  • First, the overall look and feel off the desktop remains the same, which is kind of expected as it is a point release.

  • So you have the top bar with activities, menu and system tray on either side off it.

  • However, now the option toe add desktop icons like Home folder trash bin etcetera has been removed from the norm, tweaked ou lap.

  • This will be available via some gnome extension.

  • The notification menu gets a new addition now, Then you connect a tangible device, a lightning bolt.

  • I can appears as notification.

  • Apart from this Theo rail system for which is Cantrell.

  • Front has been updated or grieved of it.

  • All right, let's get to the updates on the norm.

  • APs Now, starting with the fire Manager, There's a new feature added in the file manager called Star, which essentially is a way to mark your important files and folders as favorite so that later, when you need to access these files, you can quickly do that by going into the Start folder on the Left Cyber.

  • This feature is very convenient and has become kind of a standard across all major operating systems.

  • Now Gnome Terminal gets a few changes.

  • Now there's only one preferences window.

  • With all the customization options.

  • Previous versions had to separate Windows Profile preferences and preferences, which is now club into one single window.

  • A new command gnome terminal dash dash tab has been added toe open a new terminal as a tab.

  • The settings APP has also been updated.

  • It now remembers the last window or setting you were in before closing the gap.

  • So when you reopen the settings app, it takes you to the last visited setting.

  • There's also a new option under network called Restrict background data usage, which is helpful for people having limited broadband Internet connection.

  • The power saving window also displays the battery straightest off low energy Bluetooth devices connected to your computer like headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

  • Next, the boxes APP, which is a virtualization software off know that lets you run multiple distribution inside.

  • The always similar to virtual box or VM Veer has also been updated.

  • You can now download and install a next distribution directly from the boxes up.

  • A new Dragon Drop feature has also been added to transfer files between the mean on D virtual operating systems.

  • Apart from these, there have been few minor improvements toe other no maps.

  • Also, for example, the software app now lets you sort applications by the cooperated criteria as well.

  • The calendar APP now displays local weather information next to the dates.

  • Contacts in the contact app can now be arranged by certain names off the contact as well.

  • Support for flat back packages have been improved.

  • The touch pad now gets a new gesture to finger tamp for right click.

  • Similar to Mac books, the onscreen keyboard has been improved.

  • It now also supports the layout off different languages.

  • Apart from these improvements, there's also a new app, introducing Norm treatment to it.

  • Call the usage.

  • This app lets you check out the information regarding CPU and memory consumption by running APS on your system.

  • The story's tablets.

  • You visualize the storage information about the entire disc or a folder in a pie chart of you arrested that was on for today's video.

  • Quick update on known three point to it.

  • You can check out the complete list off changes in the release note Off known three point to it.

  • I'll post a link off the speech in the description below.

  • All right, so that was all Thank you guys from watching this video.

  • If you like this video, click on the light button.

  • You can also type in your view is solution or feedback in the comments section below.

welcome, everyone.


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