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Hey it's me Destin.
I have been invited out to a professional motocross racer Ryan Sipes'
house, and today we're gonna talk about how to control a motorcycle.
Alright so we're in rural Kentucky,
and we've got the V10 high speed camera again,
and a bunch of jumps.
Let's say that you go over on the bike
and you're coming up too high, and you need to rock her back down,
so all you do is if you've got a flywheel going here, you've got rotational
energy stored up here. One half I omega squared.
So what you do there is you just tap your brakes.. You can laugh. [laugh]
You tap your brakes, and once you do that, that transfers
this rotational energy to the whole body of the bike, and once you do that
then you'll rock it back over. And Ryan's gonna demonstrate that for us
because, he does that intuitively. OK I'm filming
Explain that again, I didn't get it. - So basically what you're gonna want to do
I mean the technical term behind it, you're gonna want to keep the vertical intertia of your
sprocket bearings and your front swing arm caliper
vertex equal to X.
(Destin) Wait, what? - No that's like.. We all had to learn it.
- Alright, so the college boy's getting made fun of here.
[ Captions by Andrew Jackson ] captionsbyandrew.wordpress.com
Captioning in different languages welcome. Please contact Destin if you can help.


The Physics of Motocross - Smarter Every Day 30

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