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Hey it's me Destin. This week I've been in the lab or, my garage working on my
thesis. So I'm trying to finish it so I can't give you an awesome video this week. To hold you over
I'll give you some video of when me and my daughter went to the fair and we checked out
some pretty cool things about animals. Anyway, check it out. I've gotta get back to my thesis.
[fairground sounds]
This duck has three feet. The weird thing is the extra foot is
growing out of it's head. This is a condition known as polymelia
where you have extra appendages.
(son) Look at that bunny rabbit. (Destin) What's he doing?
Oh, he's a tricky one. He snuck through.
One of my favourite animals growing up was a quagga, even though it was extinct.
And so we've found something pretty similar, here. What is this called?
A zedonk. Father is
a zebra, and the mother is a donkey.
(Destin) So the father's a zebra and the mother's a donkey. Heeere zedonk zedonk.
If you put your hand flat like this he won't bite your fingers.
Zorse. (Destin) Zorse, now what's a zorse?
Daddy is a zebra,
mother is a horse.
oohoo! [laugh]
(son) Daddy are you OK? (Destin) I'm OK.
Next week we're gonna learn what it's like when a bullet hits an eyeball.
For real, we're gonna do it. A zorse and a zedonk?
I hope you learned something. Alright, let's be honest. This week's video wasn't that awesome
so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and put a video right.. right there.
You can go ahead and click on that. Joe and Buzz, they're my friends
and they're cool. As a matter of fact they're so cool you're gonna subscribe so I'll go ahead and
just put a little link right here. So you can just go ahead and subscribe to them by clicking
that. You're gonna like it I promise.
It's ah.. Why aren't you clicking it? .. Just..
[ Captions by Andrew Jackson ] captionsbyandrew.wordpress.com


Duck with 3 Feet! - Smarter Every Day 25

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 26 日 に公開
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