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So a couple of days ago a guy named Chris was detained here
in Baltimore right here at the Cultural Center light rail station
Well, all he was doing was taking video of trains
It was his hobby
Why shouldn't he be able to do that?
"...that’s your story"
“So why don’t you have any signs posted to say I cannot take pictures?”
I'm on public property and I'm just minding my own business here
waiting for the train to come pick me
Uh, am I being detained?
Yes, you are being detained
You're not under arrest, but you are being detained
So I just want the opportunity to talk about the cops in Tuscaloosa right after the tornado
our 2nd Amendment right is the right to bear arms
And so we had some looting. So I'll show you what the police down there did
Chris was detained here in Baltimore but in Alabama
the cops actually encouraged us to use our weapons to defend our place
"You might not be able to with the mag loaded all the way because what I happened to do"
"is getting it about right there, pushing down"
And get the lip forward *click*
Pretty cool. When I called the police chief and said, "Hey, what's the deal"
"if I got some video, do I need to blot out the faces or anything like that?"
He said, "No, use anything you have"
That's pretty impressive, so he's actually encouraging me to use my rights
that wasn't the case with Chris so I hope our country is going more towards the
direction of liberty
than the opposite direction. That's it. I hope you
realize that if you don't use your freedom, they'll go away.
In 1759, Benjamin Franklin said those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a
little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety


Know the Law - Smarter Every Day 8

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 26 日 に公開
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