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  • Hi guys! I am about to leave Taipei in about

  • hum..3 hours

  • And this is my last chance to say goodbye to you

  • and well, I’m so gonna miss Taipei.

  • I’m really gonna miss all the cute people here

  • All the nice and friendly, polite Taiwanese

  • as well as all the Chocolate Boxers here

  • all the people coming from the States, Holland, Italy whatever

  • I had a great time here

  • I was staying here for like 2 months

  • and now I’m heading back to cold Germany

  • and I’m really gonna miss the (Taiwan) weather as well

  • I had a great time with like traveling around

  • seeing Taiwan’s beautiful nature

  • I’m really sad now to leave

  • I’m so sad, so I just wanna say goodbye to everyone

  • to everyone I met

  • thank you so much

  • Bye!

Hi guys! I am about to leave Taipei in about


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