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  • Hi! I'm Saskia from BBC Learning English.

  • Do you know how to use 'fine' and 'finely'?

  • They can both be used as adverbs

  • but 'fine' can also be used as an adjective.

  • Let's look at some sentences.

  • I broke my phone yesterday but it's working fine now.

  • Here, 'fine' is an adverb of manner

  • because it indicates doing something

  • in a satisfactory manner.

  • I was tired but I feel fine now.

  • Here 'fine' is an adjective but notice how it sits after

  • the verb and it means 'OK'

  • I ruined the recipe.

  • I forgot to finely chop the onions.

  • In this sentence, 'finely' is an adverb of degree

  • and it describes how small

  • something needs to be cut up.

  • Right I'm going to try that recipe again.

  • I won't forget to finely chop the onions this time!

  • Bye for now!

Hi! I'm Saskia from BBC Learning English.


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Fine vs Finely - 違いは何ですか?- 一分でわかる英語 (Fine vs Finely - What's the difference? - English In A Minute)

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