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you might have heard.
There's a new Land Rover defender on sale.
Now we've actually got one here on 90.
Pretty much my perfect speck looks amazing, but it's no longer the affordable car.
It maybe once, once they start about 40 45 grand and you can spend one up to 70 grand if you're not careful, which gave the producers and idea.
It meant there was a bit of a space for a affordable go anywhere kind of luxury off road.
And they said, Panty McGinnis, Go make one of your own and this is the result.
It is cooled.
The dirty rascal and true to form is very dirty indeed.
Has every inch of mud that I picked up when they filmed their feature.
Now what is it?
The front end?
Very much Bedford rascal.
Underneath it is a dye hat.
Four track.
We're gonna have a poke around it because it's not just any old off road of this.
It's got some very unique custom features, which Patty dreamt up himself.
We'll have a look in the cabin first, probably the least remarkable bit of the car from honest stand on the wheel a bit of a step.
I mean, it's no graceful to get into, uh, definitely the commands driving position that'll SUV drivers are looking for these days.
Manual gearbox, manual handbrake, tick tick, four point harness.
There appears to be a mouse down here, no idea.
But that's for but basically you get the idea up front.
It's a Bedford rascal on stills where the magic happens.
Excuse me is back here because on the back of the debt, you rascal, is this bespoke box.
The idea was Paddy McGuinness wanted to create a luxury vehicle.
And the things that mean luxury to Patty maybe don't mean luxury to the rest of us, but they are intriguing nonetheless.
So you open this glass door just like you'd have on any high end patio and step into the That's us are absolutely stinks like a teenager's bedroom in here.
Now, what does every expensive house extension have?
Bi fold doors?
That's right.
Nothing says luxury like a set of bi fold doors that don't quite fit.
And there we go.
Look at that.
I never thought you'd see those on a passenger vehicle, did you?
What else have we got?
Patty's been very busy with customizing this car over here.
Pick and mix dispenser.
Essential kit, of course.
Plenty of built in cupboards, some alcohol, hand gel for sanitary reasons.
This is quite interesting.
Look, ah, hot drinks dispenser because when you've been out and about on the mountain off roading green lane ing, everyone needs a nice cup of tea or coffee or, in Patty's case, gravy, oxtail soup, cream or a custard.
It's quite ingenious, really.
Over here, Big Daddy, The wrestler must be Patty's inspiration.
To be honest, I don't really want to go there.
Big screen TV, but not just for watching TV.
This is your reversing camera, because how annoying about cameras when you have toe, look at where you're going on a tiny two inch screen and grooming products essential from the modern man.
So as you can see, he really has thought of everything.
Yeah, I mean, it is covered in mud.
It does smell terribly, but a lot of clever features here.


Land Rover Defender vs DIRTY RASCAL | Top Gear: Series 28

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