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Hi, my name is Craig Zobel, and I directed 'The Hunt.'
The scene you're about to watch
is a scene between Ma and Pa, played
by Amy Madigan and Reed Birney,
in which they're cleaning up after having just
killed one of the people they're hunting,
and this is really one of the first times in the story
that you get to hear kind of the reasons
why this one set of people might be hunting
this other set of people.
"Those people?"
Black people."
"Honey, it's--"
"Privilege, Julius."
"It's perfectly fine to call them black again."
"According to who?"
Our hope in the scene was that we would, through comedy,
be able to expose one side's assumptions
about the other side's beliefs,
as well as mocking the hunters at the same time.
"You there?"
We're here.
We got three of them--
Molly, Moses, and Mr. Whimper."
"Yeah, great.
Liberty got--"
Damon Lindelof and Nick Cuse, the screenwriters'
screenplay pokes a lot of fun at liberals,
and this is one of the scenes that kind of we
first really lean into that.
And this is really the kind of the first scene in the film
that the kind of horror and action
that you have been seeing truly is colored by--
"Honey, that's poison!"
--a sense of satire and comedy.
"You-- you rigged the soda?"
There are 43 grams of sugar in that bottle."
"Oh, good god, Miranda, you really scared me."
"I am not going to apologize for caring."
The hunters have been playing a pretty elaborate game,
and they have actually constructed this convenience
store as a trap in order to catch the hunted.
So everything in it has been designed
to be appealing to a group of people
that they feel like they aren't a part of,
and we did a lot of that kind of in the production design
of the convenience store.
And then, of course, this new person appears,
and this is Betty Gilpin playing
the role of Crystal, who turns out
to be the main character in the film.
This is kind of the first time that you're really
interacting with her in the story.
You've seen her once or twice before,
but she's been kind of an outsider on the edge.
As she comes into this trap, this fake gas station,
we see her process who these people are and quickly
deduce that they are, in fact, some of the people that
are hunting her, and that Crystal is
one step ahead of everyone.
"Everything O.K.?"
"I lost my wallet."
"It's for emergencies."
"You want some matches with that?"
I was really lucky in that I had cast Betty
prior to casting Reed Birney in the film.
But once I cast Reed, I discovered
that Betty and Reed had been in a play together,
where it was just a two-person play with the two of them
I was unaware of that when I cast the role,
but it really added a lot because they
were able to immediately have a shorthand.
Is there anything else?"


How ‘The Hunt’ Makes a Convenience Store Inconvenient | Anatomy of a Scene

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