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Hey, it's me destined.
About three years ago, I did a YouTube video.
Try to have a lot of match for the bullet, and I never could do it.
So we've come up Annie here.
We've taken that same rifle that rivers 22 and we've made a fully adjustable mount for we can adjust it in azimuth and elevation independently, and, uh, we've got a match is set up.
So you get more like a laptop environment.
My buddy John Henry's here school.
So it's John is gonna help me.
We're gonna see if we can.
A lot of match with a bullet.
It's gonna happen.
It's gonna happen.
321 You love on Earth One song.
321 321 Oh, Okay.
Aaron, Dude.
All right.
We're here for night, too.
Not one pretty much.
But tonight's different.
It's a warning.
Yeah, This is a marathon to sit in the sprint.
So tonight we have changed from old matches.
The new matches.
What's that mean?
John, there's still work with Also assembled every type of 22 ammo known to man to shot a 1,000,005 right, 321 right here.
That's like it.
She will be left.
Well, it left.
All right.
Adjusted to the right.
321 Yeah, way have done it, John.
What's that?
That's happening right now.
Oh, yes.
Struck a match to the bullet.
What do you do next?
What shot again?
Of course you are.
Of course I am.
That's just see if we could get a lot at once already.
32 one, three, two.
Yes, That's awesome.
Something two.
Oh, yes.
Nice shoot.
You go.
After several hours of investigating why we couldn't find an entire row of matches with one bullet used a high speed camera to determine that the bullet was being deflected ever so slightly by the match heads, we concluded that you can't let all the matches if they're lined up in a straight line because the bullet tumbles and follows a non linear trajectory after first contact.
We did, however, manage to like, three matches with one single bullet, as you can see here.
All right.
54321 Hey, four.
We got four.


How to light multiple matches with a single bullet - Upping Mythbusters

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