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  • Hey, guys, what's up?

  • Welcome to experience Tech.

  • I'm beneath, and this is the second video in the series of videos on the next terms and in today's video will cover a few more basic terms used very often in Lenox.

  • Terminology will understand the term upstream, downstream and the term fork and find out how it is different from the word derivative.

  • All right, so the DOT said, Let's begin today's video first, Let's talk about upstream, and I'm sure you're aware off the general meaning off the word upstream, which is the direction against the flu.

  • Off order and downstream is the direction towards the flow of water.

  • Now the upstream in the next terminology actually has the same connotation.

  • If you have seen my previous video, then by now you must be aware that Lennox distribution is actually the next colonel and collection off software packages.

  • So if we have to graphically depict this in the form of a river, then softer developer or people who developed software would be right at the top of the origin.

  • Enter off this river, um, alone next distribution, for example, Debian could be somewhere down, and it's derivative like a boon to will be somewhere further down.

  • Now, if we're talking about Debbie in and say, for example, they find a bug in one of its software packages, say Firefox browser, then they would report the bug upstream.

  • And what we mean is that David report the bug to the developer or Firefox, however, in case of a boon to the upstream could mean Debbie in our software developer for other non debian.

  • Softer as you must be a very low boon to also uses packages from PEOPIE repositories.

  • So the software could be a non debian software.

  • So it depends a lot on the context of where the term is used and similarly downstream in the case off Debbie in would be a boon to.

  • And if Debian has received a patch for one of its software from upstream, then it will send the patch downstream that ruins.

  • It will send a patch to a boon to all right.

  • Now let's talk about the term fork not toward fork as a verb means to divide into two parts.

  • Now, Fork is also a system called using Relax Colonel, which actually creates a duplicate process.

  • But in terms of software Asper Wikipedia fork happens when developer copies the source court off a software and start independent development on it, creating a distinct and separate piece off software.

  • Nowthe next line is also very important.

  • The term often implies not merely a development branch but a split in the developer community of form.

  • Off Chisholm Examples off fork would be Marty desktop environment, which is a fork off norm to similarly cinnamon desktop environment.

  • Off the next moment is ah, fork off Norm Shell.

  • No, I think fork is pretty much clear to you.

  • Very, very simple to understand.

  • But there's another term, which is very close to the meaning off fork and sometimes get quite confusing is the word derivative.

  • Now a derivative also means taking the soft record or packages and making a completely new software.

  • For example, you boon to is a derivative off Debian or is it?

  • Well, it is a derivative, and some people may debate on that.

  • But don't the two words means almost the same.

  • But if we go by the definition off fork, it involved a schism which is a split in the developer community and has a negative connotation to make this more clear.

  • I would like to refer to an old but great paper written by Benjamin Macro Hill, which goes by the title To fork or not to fork.

  • Now he talks about for in detail and rights.

  • There have been a number of famous forks in free software history, one of the most famous water Chism that led to the parallel development off two versions off IMAX text editor grew IMAX and X E Max.

  • Now, as you can see, there is a negative feeling like there has been no division in develop ALS community disagreement off developers.

  • You have that kind of feeling a derivative.

  • Howard does not involved in issues, um, and does not have a negative connotation or negative sense, in fact, a boon to which is derivative off.

  • Debian uses Thea unstable rip off Debbie in if it finds a bug and creates a patch for it.

  • It also sends the patch upstream to Debbie in, so it's more offer constructive partnership.

  • In his paper, he further courts one of the prominent Debian developer Scott James, permanent, who say's I don't think a boon to is a fork off Debbie in at least not in the traditional sense.

  • Ah, fork suggest that at some point we go our separate way from Debbie in and then occasionally margin changes as we carry on down own part.

  • So that is the difference between fork on the word derivative.

  • So there you go, guys.

  • I hope now you're clear with the meaning off these terms.

  • It's very important to get the basics right.

  • And that's the model off these series of videos.

  • So that's also today, Guys, thank you for watching this video.

  • Huge shout out to all the subscribers off experience Tec Channel.

  • And if you like this video kindly President like Britain.

  • If you have any comment, a suggestion, do type that an indie commit box.

  • Thank you again for watching this and I'll see you next time.

Hey, guys, what's up?


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