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  • Hi, I'm Jonathan Bennis, author of Over the Top, and I'm about to read Some Dreams that people have tweeted about me.

  • This is tweet dreams.

  • I had a dream last night that I was sat at the same table as Jonathan Mannix.

  • Upon introducing myself, he told me who gave you permission to have such a naughty little name.

  • Then he gave me Lash serum.

  • Sounds about right to me.

  • That's what I do it most of my meals.

  • So, yes, if it's not a meal with a lash MD or a Latif, I don't want any dinner of it.

  • So you really know me so well.

  • I had a dream last night that J B N said I had a gorgeous space and I woke up feeling like I can conquer the world.

  • Yes, last night I had a dream that J.

  • D N was brushing.

  • My hair is I ate ice cream and we talked about our worry.

  • Do you think my insurance will cover that kind of therapy?

  • Great question.

  • That dream couldn't have happened, though, because I'm always way too stoned at night to brush anyone there or to talk about anything.

  • So, yes, you will need a therapist to talk to a night because it won't be me.

  • I had a dream, J b n and I went on a shopping spree to target.

  • And he told me It doesn't matter how many scarves you own as long as you're kind of your friend.

  • Yes, Queen.

  • I love that.

  • Yes, me and I see your friends or not.

  • And by all the cars you went, you know what your life?

  • Live it.

  • Well, you know, I had a dream.

  • I like half a stick of butter and had to explain to Anthony and Jonathan.

  • But that's how it would affect my food.

  • Well, my dog wants 886 of butter at a pre think it is Thanksgiving Day thing.

  • And she was fine.

  • So thanks for asking.

  • I had a dream that J B and I were in the Hunger games, and we just kick it in the woods until everyone else died.

  • And we want That is exactly what my strategy would be.

  • I would go find the naturally growing marijuana.

  • I would go build a cute little bunker, honey, and I would just get stoned and, like, make s'mores and justly for everyone else to die like you want me at hunger games.

  • You do, and you wouldn't think that you would.

  • But the thing is that you don't think about me right off the bat is that I always and wearing heels.

  • So what I could do is just good.

  • Get out of my face, you know?

  • So I had a dream that I was shopping for new dishes with my mom and J B n.

  • Here's what I'm gonna say about that tree when I really like someone, I want to talk to them.

  • I will just say that I had a dream about them just as the weight into the conversation.

  • So I have to think that some of these tweets are really not even true.

  • And you really just want to have a chat.

  • And if you wanna have a chat with me, just cited my diem's.

  • I'm way more active on Instagram.

  • I probably will see yet, unless it's mean and then I'll ignore him.

Hi, I'm Jonathan Bennis, author of Over the Top, and I'm about to read Some Dreams that people have tweeted about me.


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