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  • Britain's prime minister, addressing the British people just moments ago and tonight right here.

  • The harrowing images from inside hospitals in Spain impanel from London tonight.

  • Tonight, disturbing new images posted across social media in Spain, showing patients on the floor of an overwhelmed hospital.

  • Victims heard coughing, some gasping for air, others apparently hooked up to oxygen tanks.

  • Doctors unable to keep up Spain's suffering over 460 deaths in the past 24 hours and in Italy, another staggering day over 600 deaths.

  • Today, my hospital, which is usually around 550 bags, now is dedicated that 90% of this bad toe this be Porto patient with this disease, but perhaps some light At the end of the tunnel for Italy, the percentage for total new infections rose 8% single digits for the first time since this lock down began two weeks ago.

  • But the World Health Organization, warning the pandemic is rapidly accelerating.

  • It took 67 days from the initial reported infection to reach the 1st 100,000 cases 11 days for the 2nd 100,000 and just four days for the 3rd 100,000 here in Britain, P.

  • M.

  • Johnson addressed the nation tonight, saying all people should stay home from now on.

  • Gatherings of two or more people not permitted.

  • The UK death toll has soared by almost 50 in the last day.

  • The rate of increase now mirroring exactly what happened in Italy two weeks ago.

  • With this haunting warning to the nation from one British patients place, none of you take any chances.

  • I mean it because if it gets really bad, you then you're gonna end up here.

  • David, wishing the toughest measures in Britain since wartime all non essential store's closed meeting friends is now banned.

  • You can only exercise once a day.

  • These will be tough to enforce, but the police now have extra powers to do it.

  • Meanwhile, some positive news out of Germany.

  • At least we know that Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was in quarantine she is now tested negative for covert 19.

  • But elsewhere, things are not looking good, David.

  • All right, Ian Panel tonight, Ian.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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Britain's prime minister, addressing the British people just moments ago and tonight right here.


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スペインの新しい画像には病院の床にいる患者の姿が写っています。 (New images in Spain show patients on hospital floors | WNT)

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