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  • Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.

  • Now, In 2000 and 11 Intel launched this.

  • The 7 26 100 K wants the flagship of the Sandy Bridge lineup.

  • It can now be found for less than £100 or dollars.

  • But should you still buy one?

  • Well, let's get into it and find out.

  • When Intel began rolling out there.

  • Sandy Bridge CP.

  • Using 2000 and 11 the 2600 k was not only the first, but the fastest, with four cause and eight threats.

  • It was a process that ideal for gamers and video editors alike, which was reflected by its $300 or pounds price tag.

  • Today, the average price for one of these selling on eBay UK is £86 or just over $100 in the US as well was 100 euros.

  • That makes it pretty tempting, right, especially considering the popularity and availability of older socket 11 55 motherboards.

  • Its current price puts it close to some of Andy's new rise and CB use, like the rising 3 22 100 g, for example.

  • So if the initial tests will be throwing in the results from that as well to give you some idea of how the 2600 K keeps up today, starting with some CPU intensive tests and running Cinna bench AR 15 shows us that in terms of single core performance, the I 74 was behind the rise and three marginally with 1312135 respectively.

  • In the multi core test, though, the eight threads off the 2600 k ensure a nice lead with 6 10 compared to 536 I also ran the CPU Zed built in benchmark, which once again proved advantageous towards the rise and 3 22 100 re any single court test yet favored the ice seven in the multi called performance.

  • Not surprising considering the extra threats.

  • But before we can get into games, let's discuss the elephant in the room over clocking.

  • Although clocked at 3.4 gigahertz stock, the 2600 K has fantastic overcooking potential, and even my cheap hyper 103 caller kept the 2600 k stable at 4.5 gigahertz.

  • This improved the sinner bench scores 2758 and 156 in the multi and single tests, respectively.

  • But what about gaming?

  • Well, let's see if the ice seven can still keep up in some modern titles.

  • Despite afterburner having issues showing up in recording today, I can say that the Ice seven didn't bottleneck my 10 70 which means it could be paired with a card like that just fine with the card, in fact, reaching 100% usage before the CPU in some demanding titles.

  • A 10 80 p battlefield one ultra averaged 100 f PS with decent 1% in 10.1% lows, meaning that there was no static or framed.

  • It's to speak off during the first few campaign levels.

  • GT five also ran ultra with four times essay for 57 F.

  • P.

  • S, on average, sticking above 60.

  • If you wanted to turn some of the advanced effects down or even off once again, the I seven kept up here just fine.

  • On Despite its age, the once flagship of the Sandy Bridge line up can still more than hold its own ghost recon Wildlands also performed quite well, even an ultra and once again, the process that wasn't a bottleneck here.

  • A 10 a DP with M s size eight gigabyte 10 70.

  • I did notice a few status here and there, as reflected by the 1% in 10.1% low figures.

  • But these weren't very common nor off putting, at least in my opinion.

  • Finally in the witch or three with the ultra settings.

  • But with hair works off the I 7 26 100 k 10 70 system averaged 72 F.

  • P s, which goes to show that once again there were no problems here.

  • Aside from a few moments of leg inside, no regret to some of you.

  • The power of the 2600 k may have been obvious considering some people have done comparison tests to newer Intel.

  • I serious CP use and found small performance increases across multiple generations.

  • The fact that this is now a sub £100 or dollars process of with huge over clocking potential means it may be ideal for those of you who want decent 10 80 p gaming performance at modern entry level Cebu prices, especially considering the lower cost of older 11 55 motherboards and DDR three ram.

  • You won't get all the benefits that some new motherboards and CP use offer.

  • But the 2600 k is still going strong, and it's hard to ignore as its price gets cheaper and cheaper.

  • So there we have it.

  • This has been a look back at the 2600 k and now seven year old process that I hope you've enjoyed today's video.

  • If you did, please leave a light on it down below.

  • Leave a dislike if you didn't subscribe to the channel.

  • If you haven't done so already, let me know if you've ever used one of these or still do use one of these in your system and hopefully I'll see you all in the next video.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.


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