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  • it's just us.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • Okay.

  • Is it on the radio today?

  • She just She's hotter than a fantasy.

  • Like a way feeling like a tacit Which way?

  • She's on fire.

  • Like not to mention on technical killem All the courts, Kratz and I would see the stone of a little so good about gold nuggets.

  • Ryan.

  • Really poorly.

  • Nic banned the 15 yard and commit normal Bela Malala Celebrity.

  • Yeah, 12.

  • Some soap.

  • Ma, don't see you.

  • Get out of your Michael Told you we have some time.

  • Is there little scared?

  • Look, I'm not The cake is stem.

  • It's solid.

  • Then go like it's also make me a moment with baptism with you black your little sneaks, Kiefer team Laura and excited over that l do it all together.

  • We stand with June, and I gotta get it being this Gator bait wasn't looking to you for down there.

  • That is smoking rifle over.

  • I have to phone the stem for the voice on the overto the raccoon and they give the house a tip for ya Muteba to help him get stable to sex in my yard.

  • Go.

  • So yeah, I want to know which I vill theme, Laura.

  • After Lex.

  • Pope Pius for I think I got accepted into new couples.

  • Hey, if the States for Yao on the go to the market, you remember Dennis, I'm like Shawn.

  • Look enough.

  • Three minutes.

  • Popolo.

  • Nephila is addictive, popular in America.

it's just us.


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Pauline - 'Girl On Fire' ブラインドオーディション|ザ・ヴォイス・キッズ|VTM (Pauline - 'Girl On Fire' | Blind Auditions | The Voice Kids | VTM)

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