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  • (upbeat music)

  • - Make a fist, make it strong.

  • Make a tight fist.

  • When you apply pressure,

  • you gonna apply pressure slowly.

  • You gonna do it gradually,

  • and Partner B you try to resist,

  • do your best to resist.

  • (upbeat music)

  • - Hello, my name is Rebecca from Season 11.

  • - How are we Becca?

  • (audience applauses)

  • - Thank you. (audience applauses)

  • Doing this exercise reminded me of why I joined HTC,

  • because there was a time in my life just before,

  • where everything was falling apart and I was falling apart,

  • and I was nearly done with bothering to live.

  • And the thing that brought me to Sifu

  • was the meditation, the gratitude meditation.

  • And I remember when I was listening to him,

  • and he told me to leave all my worries behind

  • and walk into that light and into my future,

  • and I could see life again.

  • And when I did this exercise, this last one,

  • that's exactly what happened.

  • I heard your voice Sifu, and my body turned into steel,

  • it turned into this building, and I was unmovable.

  • And what that taught me is that,

  • the strength is already within me, right?

  • I already have it.

  • It doesn't have to do with the cells in my body,

  • it doesn't have to do with the fiber of my being,

  • I am strength and all I needed to do was own it.

  • And that's what this exercise taught me.

  • - Applause.

  • (audience applauses)

  • Good.

  • - [Man] Thank you Don!

(upbeat music)


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