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  • Hello, President Trump.

  • It's me, Trevor Noah from The Daily Show.

  • As you probably know,

  • I'm offering the chance for one winner

  • to be interviewed by me,

  • right here at The Daily Show,

  • and I just wanted to tell you, sir,

  • that yes, you are also eligible to enter.

  • I will fly you in from wherever you are,

  • the White House or the golf course at Mar-a-Lago.

  • You can even use it as an excuse for

  • missing Eric's birthday for the past 35 years.

  • So, Mr. President, and anyone else who's interested,

  • please go to

  • and enter before the deadline.

  • By donating for the chance to win,

  • you'll be helping Education Changemakers

  • who provide training and resources

  • for a new generation of teachers and principals

  • throughout South Africa.

  • It's an initiative launched by my foundation

  • in partnership with the Young African Leaders Initiative,

  • and it's a wonderful cause.

Hello, President Trump.


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トレバー・ノアはあなた(とドナルド・トランプ)をザ・デイリーショーに招待する // Omaze (Trevor Noah Invites You (and Donald Trump) to The Daily Show // Omaze)

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