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  • warning.

  • The following video may contain graphical settings that some gamers may find upsetting Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.

  • Now I've long been a fan of channels like the low spec gamer who takes modern games and makes them run on older or weak hardware.

  • Even though I've used quite a few GP use in my time, I've never really experimented with graphics, mods or configuration file tweaks.

  • Today, I just had to give this a go for myself and see if I can improve the performance of my duty 5 20 graphics card here GPU that suffers miserably in modern games, especially considering it's the one gigabyte DDR three version, which makes it weaker than a lot of Intel H D graphics.

  • So in this video, inspired by low spec gamer as well as my recent love for game spots, potato mode videos, let's see if we can help this duty 5 20 out a little bit.

  • First of all, I will be discussing the tweaks I'll be using for each game, showing you the graphical changes they make and then testing out the duty 5 20 before and after said tweaks.

  • So starting off with Skyrim the oldest game tested today, and this is what it looks like running at the lowest settings before mods.

  • With 800 by 600 resolution, you can see that everything looks pretty muddy with jagged edges, pretty much on everything.

  • But still, this is how I used to running on my old Toshiba laptop I once had.

  • So it's no big deal.

  • The DDR 35 20 being as weak as it is, will likely need some serious graphical game downgrades in order to run smoothly.

  • So I've downloaded the Nexus model manager here, as well as the terrible textures for week computers mode, Andi and B for tune skyrim from the Nexus Mods website.

  • This could be downloaded and installed through the manager and, when enabled, will make the game look like this.

  • A cartoon openworld wonderland filled with flat textures and animated like characters.

  • That GNB tune mode adds a little more polished to the terrible textures mode and should help speed up performance.

  • But does it well.

  • This is how the duty 5 20 performers before any texture, modern activated with the lowest settings walking around solitude here and you can see that we're hovering around 30 f.

  • P s with a few dips below that, especially as the action starts to heat up.

  • Expect to see around 25 to 30 F.

  • B.

  • S most of the time on this one gigabyte DDR three GPU.

  • As you can see, this car needs all the help it can get.

  • So I've enabled the extreme graphics mode here, and whilst there are no significant improvements, the frame rate was a lot more stable, often maintaining and more solid.

  • 30 F.

  • P.

  • S.

  • Despite what some may consider a huge graphical reduction, I have to say the cartoon style has a certain charm to it, and it's certainly a unique way to play.

  • And in case you wondered what the blood textures during combat looked like now, well, here they are.

  • When the screen fills up with squares, you're done.

  • For now, far cry five can be turned way down graphically, and even the resolution scale can be reduced to North 0.5.

  • Lowering everything and turning settings like a off will mean that you'll get a pretty Pixley version of Montana, even though it's a quality sacrifice that may mean a huge F PS boost on some systems.

  • This is how the game looks at its absolute lowest thanks.

  • Thegame spots, potato mode.

  • Video on fire cracked five, though I learned that you can adjust a couple of texture filtering options, using invidious inspector software to turn things down even more, adjusting the anti A leasing here, too, is a must, though it will make on screen text disappear, which isn't really all that helpful.

  • Just like in Scar In, It turns the game into a whimsical looking cartoon experience that it's certainly unique in its presentation.

  • It's actually quite charming in some ways.

  • If the lines are too jagged for you, then turning the aye aye, back on from the endgame.

  • Options will smooth out those rough edges there, of course, in car performance hit.

  • So once again, how does the GT 5 20 handle this well, with everything turned way down low and no texture tweaks enabled.

  • The game will run at about 10 frames per second.

  • Now this isn't ideal for any game, let alone a first person shooter.

  • But enabling the graphical tweaks here actually doesn't do much in the way of performance increases.

  • So it seems the 5 20 is too weak to run this modern release, no matter the implemented settings.

  • But worry not, because the last game today is one that is heavily customizable mod wires just like its predecessors.

  • It is, of course, fallout.

  • For now, this game supports the unusually low resolution of 800 by 4 50 In windowed mode, though, the display can be stretched to full screen by setting a custom resolution in your Graphics Properties menu.

  • At its absolute lowest, you can expect a huge performance boost for older cards at the cost of most detail.

  • To be honest on a smaller laptop on notebook screen, though, this wouldn't be as big of a deal.

  • Just like in Star, Um, I used the nexus model manager to download and activate an ultra low textures mod.

  • This will take some time to install, and afterwards you'll be left with a game that looks like this again.

  • This will create nice boost on my systems that are struggling.

  • If you really want to play it and don't have the means to upgrade over on the DRI T 5 20 the game will run on the absolute lowest settings, but it will tank below 20 f ps in busier or more compact areas like sanctuary.

  • Surprisingly, it will touch on 30 f.

  • P s on occasion, using the aforementioned texture mode with this card, and I saw a 5 to 10 F PS boost in the average frame rates with the game a tickling the 30 FBS threshold more often over all, this card is far better suited to old against these days, and it's there that these graphical mods will help out the most.

  • Like in Skyrim, however, you still might see a slight performance increase in newer titles.

  • And sometimes those extra few frames may mean the difference between playable on unplayable.

  • So messing around with modern tweaks is always worth ago, even if you think all hope is lost.

  • Still, I bet Low spec game.

  • I could still squeeze a bit more performance out of this card.

  • So there we have it, guys, I hope you've enjoyed today's video.

  • It has been a little bit different.

  • It's not my usual style of things, but I just had to test out some of the tweets and mods for myself to see if we could put any more life into the old GT 5 20 as always thank you very much for watching If you enjoy this video lever, like on it.

  • If you didn't leave a dislike on it, subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already.

  • And hopefully I'll see all of you in the next one.



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