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  • Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English

  • We Speak with me, Feifei

  • Rob: …and me, Rob. So, Feifei, what are

  • you doing tonight?

  • Feifei: Tonight? Oh, erm, I’m busy – I’m

  • washing my hair tonight.

  • Rob: Oh rightso youre not going to that

  • new bar for a drink? I overheard someone

  • saying that you and some of the team

  • were going.

  • Feifei: Oh yes! The new bar. We are going

  • for a drinkjust one - on the way homeerrr….

  • Would you like to join us?

  • Rob: Oh yes that would be great!

  • Feifei: Actually, haven’t you got that big

  • project to finish? The one the boss said

  • was very important?

  • Rob: Oh that! No, no, nothat’s not

  • important – I’ll leave it for a few days and

  • hell forget about it.

  • Feifei: Hmm, so youre going to kick it into

  • the long grass?

  • Rob: ‘Kick it into the long grass’? You

  • mean delay a plan or decision about

  • something because it will only cause

  • problems for meand that by delaying it,

  • it might get forgotten altogether?

  • Feifei: That’s exactly what I meant! Let’s

  • hear some examples of this phrase in action

  • The decision to kick the plans for a new

  • railway line into the long grass means

  • that well have to continue to face

  • overcrowding and slow journey times.

  • He hoped by kicking a decision on her

  • marriage proposal into the long grass

  • she'd soon forgetbut she didn’t!

  • I’ve decided to kick this plan to redecorate

  • the house into the long grassweve

  • got more urgent things to do, like fixing

  • the hole in the roof!

  • Feifei: You're listening to The English We

  • Speak from BBC Learning English. In this

  • programme, we're looking at the

  • expression 'to kick something

  • into the long grass'. It means to delay a

  • plan or decision because it is difficult or

  • problematic. And Rob is delaying the project

  • the boss asked him to do because it’s

  • hard work.

  • Rob: Hard work? This project is perfect

  • for someone with my skills, but I need

  • time to think about itmaybe a few

  • weeks.

  • Feifei: But if you kick it into the long grass,

  • you won’t be able to find it!

  • Rob: Of course not. Now, what time are

  • we going for that drink?

  • The Boss: Rob could I have a word about

  • that urgent project I asked you to doas

  • soon as possible?

  • Feifei: Oh dear, Rob. It looks like youre

  • going to have to kick that drink into the

  • long grass. I think you’d better go and see

  • the boss. Good luck!

  • Rob: OK. See you later.

  • Feifei: Bye!

  • Rob: Bye.

Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English


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長い草に蹴りを入れる」とはどういう意味でしょうか? (What does 'to kick into the long grass' mean?)

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