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  • Yeah, right don't like what is this

  • Where didn't get this saved up a lot allowances, I might have done some heavy lifting but it was to keep my friend

  • Freddie no, don't you know blow the breaker. Don't don't don't go cheap on

  • Ya, we fix the electricity problems

  • Yeah, we sorta know an electrician. Well a couple of them actually

  • People can surprise you. Sometimes if you give him a chance

  • I

  • Can't go to prom like this. I'm a monster are we really watching and enjoying this?

  • Because I've personally feel like I'm in prison

  • Don't be so dramatic

  • You don't you should tell it to the hot teen Frankenstein wants to go to the prom so bad you guys

  • What are you doing in front of the TV? It's a beautiful day out

  • You never liked our tins, oh no, I loved him

  • We are reporting on a hostage situation, right

  • Go back one foot

  • According to sources close to the scene an armed man has taken people hostage on the second floor of that building

  • The situation is considered active police say the man is wearing body armor and should be considered extremely dangerous

  • No, I think we just found something you can agree on we are following it closely though. We're gonna go for the outside now

  • Superman

Yeah, right don't like what is this


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オルタネイトエンディング。ファミリー・ビーツ|Shazam![削除されたシーン] (Alternate Ending: Family Beats | Shazam! [Deleted Scene])

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