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They're free service.
The homemade.
Very barbecue.
So thank you.
Are the wings fresh?
I believe they come frozen.
Gina, Neal's coming, right?
You can't buy fresh chicken.
Likely here.
Being served frozen food wasn't the start I was looking for.
It looks like it's bean dipped in else blood.
In fact, the food just kept getting worse.
Pulling back that rib eyes like pulling back that do vale my mattress, That stain.
And wow, that's strong.
And alcohol.
He's a good wine for this, right?
Gina claims our hands are tied in the kitchen.
So at this point, I don't know who to blame.
That rice is must Who could that like oatmeal?
Idaho rainbow trout with the herb risotto.
Jesus, what's all the squidgy bits around the outside of their other sauces?
All the sources?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Is that result or some of the class that your dad left over building the new lodge?
He's still got the scales on it as well.
Why would you leave the skin that soggy like some used condom?
Thank you.
That has to be the worst trout I've ever seen in my entire career.
Does Mom?
Dad see this food?
Do they come and have dinner?
I hate everything they hate the the day shore everything.
They don't like the way that she does anything.
She's here when you're in the heat of the season, we kind of just take what we can get.
You can't keep on changing your chef of the year.
I agree.
We do it every year.
Now, if this place was run by your parents, did you work here?
Hell, no.
No, not for a second.
I don't want to run a restaurant.
How keen I need to get out.
I'm desperate.
And if you got a job tomorrow, would you be off?
Yeah, I feel like I've kind of done my part.
The part that I told him that I would do You obviously concerned.
And you're doing it more out of affection as opposed to you Really want to be here?
Sounds like your mind's made up.
Wow, Let's get him out, Please.
Would you both come out, please?
All those Would you come out?
Both of you.
What if I don't want to?
Jeff Ramsey.
Nice to meet you.
My wife's gonna see you.
Wow, Esso, I'm not a words.
What feedback did you get throughout my lunch?
I didn't say anything.
There's nothing The tool.
Not yet.
Course by course.
You don't even talk to them now.
Why not?
I figured that was what you're gonna do when we were doing was hoping At least you're gonna say something to them sneaking up the gain.
No, actually expecting to say something, but not that Well, so should I ask her?
I kept thinking, OK.
Must be okay.
Her comments.
Don't you want the truth?
Oh, absolutely.
You know, the owners hate your dishes.
You don't know the owners hate your food.
No, I did not know that.
You got no idea that d d can't stand the curry.
No, I never knew that.
I feel like people have been lying to me.
You know, I don't blame.
Let me.
I'm gonna be Frank The river.
I was overcooked a little late.
We opened at the bottom.
The dishwasher on that plug was blocked with bits of floating Greece.
He may find it funny, but, you know, it was funny the way you described, but no, I'm not trying to laugh by the room.
Now look where we sat, though.
If you phone me on my telephone in the car asked me what you think I will be having.
I would never mention those dishes.
All right, all right.


Even The Owners Hate The Food! | Hotel Hell

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