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  • You have a problem with authority, Mr. Anderson.

  • You believe that you are special, that the rules do not apply to you.

  • Obviously, you are mistaken.

  • This is one of the top software companies in the world...

  • ...because employees understand they are part of a whole.

  • Thus, if an employee has a problem, the company has a problem.

  • The time has come to make a choice, Mr. Anderson.

  • Either you choose to be at your desk on time from this day forth...

  • ...or you choose to find another job.

  • Do I make myself clear?

  • Yes, Mr. Rhineheart. Perfectly clear.

  • Thomas Anderson?

  • Yeah, that's me.

  • Okay.

  • Great.

  • Have a nice day.

  • Hello?

  • Hello, Neo. Do you know who this is?

  • - Morpheus. - Yes.

  • I've been looking for you.

  • I don't know if you're ready to see what I want to show you.

  • But unfortunately, you and I have run out of time.

  • They're coming for you, and I don't know what they're going to do.

  • Who's coming for me?

  • Stand up and see for yourself.

  • What? Right now?

  • Yes. Now.

  • Do it slowly.

  • The elevator.

  • - Oh, shit! - Yes.

  • What do they want?

  • I don't know. If you don't want to find out, get out of there.

  • How?

  • I can guide you, but you must do exactly as I say.

  • - Okay. - The cubicle across from you is empty.

  • - But what if they-- - Go. Now.

  • Stay here for just a moment.

  • When I tell you, go to the end of the row...

  • the office at the end of the hall.

  • Stay as low as you can.

  • Go. Now.

  • Good. Now, outside there is a scaffold.

  • - How do you know this? - We don't have time.

  • To your left there's a window. Go to it.

  • Open it.

  • Take the scaffold to the roof.

  • No way! No way! This is crazy!

  • There are two ways out of this building.

  • One is that scaffold. The other is in their custody.

  • You take a chance either way. I leave it to you.

  • This is insane!

  • Why is this happening to me?

  • What'd I do?

  • I'm nobody. I didn't do anything.

  • I'm gonna die.

  • Shit!

  • Oh, shit!

  • I can't do this.

  • Shit.

You have a problem with authority, Mr. Anderson.


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エージェントから脱走するアンダーソン氏|マトリックス【オープンマット (Mr. Anderson escapes from Agents | The Matrix [Open Matte])

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