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may cause the most amazing Philip beef.
It's the Rolls Royce cut first off season top and bottom into the pan.
Every 15 seconds were moving around.
Also book.
Oh, that's my main course in there is not about minutes is about the color.
Okay, You got your finger that such cooking is all about touching Cocaine is a bus manly.
Very carefully.
We go round, always like a Swiss roll.
That's your favorite, isn't it?
Roll this right.
Your mother Helen needs me that you spoke to my mom as you found my mom before you came.
Yeah, I did, cause I said that you quite bossy.
What's the best way toe Handle him.
And she said, Just treat him like a little boy with lots of love.
But firmness, Very help may just get on.
I think it's impossible to have Christmas without sprints faking their potatoes.
Look at that accounts.
Here's the magical bit.
Every time.
Even still now, after cooking for nearly 30 years look Hey, wait, Jerry, That means is it?
Read that pink.
That is beautiful too.
You can't do it a little bit more.
I'm just thinking not everybody likes that color.
Why you so awkward?
I phoned you cause I wanted some help.
I don't need a fucking butt plug.
My are telling me I can't do it.
I think now.
Much weight gravy.
This is how you make Let's do it.
It's the first time was in April in 10 years.
How's your sausage?
Please don't do that.
I'm gonna tell your mother.
Stop everywhere.
A piece of paper.
Listen, listen carefully.
It needs to be in your mind, Jerry.
When it's brown, it's cooked.
When it's black, it's May no team behind.
I don't think they understand the menu 100%.
And I don't think they're realizing how difficult the menu is.
See, brother, maybe you can doing problem.
Now he's thinking, Oh, my God.
I think Gina was right.
I saw him looking at my dishes and thinking We shall let Jerry what you do in you can't lick the spoon and put the spring back in the hygiene May in Sinaloa.
Avery, get me Victoria Beckham number, please.
Oh, God.
Let's get a proper spice girl in here.
You're right.


Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington vs. Gino D'Acampo's Ossobuco

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