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Hi, everyone of Justin Long.
I play Alice Vickers and Gary Haji and you're about to see behind the scenes.
Look at that.
An epic battle huge battle in Episode four The battle so have never been in a gun fight before is approximately things.
About 42 people involved in this dumb bell.
It's been good and easy.
It's a huge acres that you wanna be involved.
I've never been that close to see such a big epic shootout like this.
So it's been really fun.
And so many of the stunt guys are actually in the scenes.
So we get to work side by side.
We're behind the scenes right before you were gonna shoot this big shootout down this corridor, as you can see, is lined with all strips or produce.
Cabbages do.
Oh, shit.
And I don't know, it's just it's behind the scenes.
Would you say this is the most amount of vegetables that you worked with?
Julia is gonna walk us through How exactly?
To prepare phrase jail.
This'd garlic everything in life.
So what are we doing here?
Wait, I could blow up having no kidding.
So we should get too close to it.
I'm trying to court grow 20 people with gums from buying Really blanks of the noise is deafening because various different secrecy is the hardest one.
For us is a single shots of its way come into a window and injuries Someone going out through a window just take you through this epic scene.
We're running through a warehouse were chasing after the Abbotts men.
Kensi gets here, Then 17 kids off.
Get shot here.
We're taking trouble firing down here.
That was intense.
All right, let's move on.
Cemetery on.
God will move forward.
Let's get into here.
We're like, OK, OK, OK, everything silent.
Then a guy's moving forward.
A guy cuts out here.
Shotgun blast back.
This is my favorite part, the whole thing.
I get to kick him out the window.
He goes into a 40 foot full, lands on a car to carry on going.
I've never been a part of something.
So one day ethic and the next day, so intimate.
I've never worked with Japanese actors, so there's a lot of first for me and I'll tell you what, I'll never do either of them again.
No kidding, It's yeah, It's been a blast.
This may just look like a wall, but, Tony, tell him what it is.
So this is the off camera side of the wall.
So the city is actually the other side DeBary at the ball through the wall.
You knew when you're saying debris as the bitch of the war with its last three.
You say properly, we've messed it up.
I hope you're impressed.
Uh, you were dazzled.
And if you weren't, you have high expectations.
And that probably means you were in an actual gunfight.
So I hope you enjoyed it.
And thanks for watching.
And don't forget to watch the actual Siri's with this angel pictures.
Very old.
I'm gonna try it.
Just a phone.


How to film a gun-battle with Justin Long | GiriHaji | BBC Trailers

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