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  • Hey guys! Hope you had a great holiday season.

  • I know we haven't uploaded anything in a while, so... sorry about that.

  • It's his fault.

  • What?

  • It's your fault

  • We haven't uploaded anything in like a month.

  • I know, it's...

  • Over the holiday season. 0:00:17.631,0:00:17.629 ...not my fault.

  • Yeah, it's your fault. 0:00:19.310,0:00:19.308 It's not my fault.

  • It's your fault, you just have to accept it. It's not my fault!

  • It's your fault. Yeah!

  • Oh, no, I mean no!

  • Shut up, it's not my fault! I challenge you to a game.

  • Three Japanese-style rounds.

  • Whoever wins is right. How's that?

  • Okay. Fine.

  • Whoever wins is right.

  • Yeah, whoever wins is right.

  • Okay.

  • (salt)

  • (more salt)

  • Okay!

  • Ready...

  • Go!

  • Go go go go-

  • Yeeeaaass!!

  • I lost...

  • Two more, right?

  • Ready... go!

  • Go go go go go

  • The final.

  • Ready... GO!

  • Go go go go go

  • Yes! Yes!

  • That was close!

  • Ready

  • Go!

  • See, I told you I could win!

  • I won! I won I won I won I won I won :D

  • Begin.

  • Do you have something to say to me? :D

  • It was not... your fault. It was...

  • probably my fault.

  • Probably your fault?

  • Most likely.

  • I'm sorry, it's my fault. I'm sorry everyone, I'm sorry! I'll try to upload more videos...

  • I promise!

  • I promise. I'll keep my word. I'm sorry.

  • It's okay. :)

Hey guys! Hope you had a great holiday season.


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Japanese vs American 日本人 vs アメリカ人 (Japanese Games) 日本語字幕有 (Japanese vs American 日本人 vs アメリカ人 (Japanese Games) 日本語字幕有)

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