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  • from Sesame Stream here, that's what ever does.

  • Lips.

  • So I shall keep track of time for you.

  • Another sunny day on Sesame Street, right outside of Elmo's window in the summer.

  • You deal with that and then you just got a a wait.

  • He goes to a very important part of Washington D Go to the kitchen and have breakfast with money.

  • The time is now 7:15 a.m. Drab makes front.

  • Good morning, Elmo.

  • Hi.

  • Oh, boy, it's time for a favorite parts of day.

  • Breakfast with friends.

  • What you mommy today?

  • Boy meal?

  • What's for dessert?

  • A cloud thing.

  • Brushy Brand fresh.

  • Brad.

  • Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad Hashing.

  • Morning, This brick brick that's 40 minutes, 30 minutes for a morning routine.

  • Heads over there for Stewart to see what Alan and fixes toys when they're broke and sharing people like this one.

  • It's 12 p.m. From lunch.

  • Elmo.

  • Hey, you must be having the only booth.

  • No way.

  • All nice.

  • Having 12.

  • 12.

  • 30.

  • That means it's time for your plays.

  • Eight.

  • Elmo.

  • Yeah, let's go.

  • Let's play the oh freeze!

  • Like a Well, that's about a card game.

  • Rich.

  • Try playing tag with Abby and resume.

  • Sometimes I like to go to the sesame.

  • Jim.

  • Yeah, I need to go over there for a workout.

  • But things with friends, friends learning new sons and new words again, I do not meet the clock for this.

  • It is always time to learn about numbers.

  • Today's number of the day is okay.

  • Wait.

  • Don't forget care.

  • What does?

  • Your friend it's much better with shoes.

  • Helped him post bail yet and his food todo having pictures of his friends.

  • She sits on the stoop and place it on ego's way.

  • Everything must be a really good piano playing.

  • Maybe around Christmas time.

  • Learn asan for his mommy and daddy way T o just such a Maybe one day it's 5 40 PM Elmo.

  • That means it's Mommy and Daddy and Daddy helped make you put the trappings are not the cheese cheese, spaghetti, chicken fingers.

  • Picky when it comes to food at one time was not a good idea.

  • You know what?

  • He's sad.

  • My favorite part of Elmo's Day.

  • Good, Theo, I'm love love number.

  • Look, thing doing you go, Max.

  • I know he's not Jewish blacks sometimes, master just need to relax, you know, what I'm talking about.

  • 30 p.

  • M.

  • Almost Get get another little brother.

  • This 45.

  • You know where Elmo is?

  • Use in bed because it is Elmo's bedtime.

  • You want to have enough energy to do it all over T.

  • Oh, well, I don't know what you're into tonight.

  • That's what One day in the life of Elmo.

from Sesame Stream here, that's what ever does.


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