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I got called by Ah, by the fill in last week was last February.
They asked me to, um to submit some materials to see if if I had anything that they could play.
So I submitted a bunch of things that I thought fit and some things that I thought fit certain players.
Um and, um And then they called me back and said, Hey, we want a commission, You And that was really exciting.
Contact is great.
I, uh I've been to many of the concerts, one the most profound musical kinds of growing experience of my life.
It was the the grease a, uh, catfish on the four songs that he wrote at the end of his life.
That was an amazing performance.
I saw that at the Met Museum.
So the name of the pieces binary, momentary to flow state joy state.
So the two is important because it's the second piece in a series of pieces that are kind of trying to, um, to approach composition in a way that I approach improvisation.
So I'm on improviser.
I improvise on electronics, I play the laptop, and, um, I found that in the process of improvisation, and getting getting really comfortable with my instrument.
I feel like I can enter a kind of brain state that is very focused.
Very uh, in the now it's It's almost a spiritual place.
Every instrument kind of has a solo and the trombones because there's two of them and they're actually not even.
There's in stereo, so I often think in stereo.
I'm a sound engineer and electronic musician, so the trombones are kind of in stereo the trumpets in the middle, and then the piano and percussion are kind of flanked here, Um, and so the trumpet on the piano and the percussion all have these big solos.
So that's one of the ways and that I'm dealing with the instruments is trying to give them their individual voice.
They're, like, expressive, being able to express themself, a cz individuals, Um, and then there are parts in the piece where everything kind of comes together and everyone's doing the same thing.
I've known Eric you dinner for over a decade.
So, um, and he's one of my favorite new music pianists pianist in general, and he can really playing music.
So I knew that he would have no problem with anything.


Sam Pluta on Composing for CONTACT!

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