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  • Hey, kids, today we're making adobo fried chicken U two's best for creative things.

  • It's cooking and crafting.

  • Hey, kids, we're gonna first create a marinade for the adobo that we're going to mix on and let it marinate for anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes.

  • So we have here one cup of cider vinegar and we're gonna add in half a cup off.

  • Show you where story sauce as you call it.

  • No calls a couple of bay leaves and then a teaspoon of ground peppercorn on dhe, too cloves of garlic that have been meant.

  • So stir it all up, and I have here my, um it's £3 of chicken.

  • It's actually five very large sized chicken thighs with bone in skin on.

  • That's what I like to use for fried chicken with the skin on.

  • You're nice.

  • Crunchy, crunchy skin.

  • All right, so this will marinade for 30 to 60 minutes.

  • When I throw that back into the refrigerator on DDE.

  • Make sure you massage gel in there.

  • Make sure it touches all of the chicken so that all the flavours get in there.

  • Okay, we'll be back.

  • I'm gonna out of the marinade and the chicken to this pot.

  • I'm gonna bring it to a boil and then we're just gonna let it summer for 40 a minute.

  • It comes to a boil very, very quickly.

  • So I'll just put that down to about just below medium and let that go for 40 minutes, we'll be back.

  • Well, that finishes up over on the stove.

  • I'm gonna put together the flower that we're going to dredge this in.

  • This is half a couple flower, half a cup of corn starch on dhe, then a teaspoon each of salt, garlic salt on dhe pepper.

  • And then I'm just gonna mix it up and to, um, the other bowl.

  • I am going to beat three eggs.

  • We're gonna dip it first the flower, then into the egg mix and then back into the flour.

  • And then we are going to fry them for about 20 minutes so you can see I put the chicken over here on a little bit of Iraq so that the excess liquid could drain off.

  • So I'm going to now stick that into being flower and cornstarch mixture, and then I'm gonna throw it into the egg mixture and right back in And then we're going over to the stove and we are going to fry these already cooked chicken sides.

  • So except for 20 minutes.

  • But, you know, they are already cooked, so it probably won't even take that long just until they look really nice, too.

  • So let's move on over to the stuff.

  • We'll be back when these are nice and about ready to be eaten.

  • Now that, my friends, is seriously pretty looking Golden brown.

  • Another 10 minutes timer just went off.

  • I guess that means that dinner is ready with that one about a little on the inside.

  • All right, so there we go.

  • Double pride chicken.

  • Enjoy my friends.

  • Enjoy.

  • The taste is very soft and very subtle.

  • It's there.

  • The chicken, however, is very, very, very soft on the inside.

  • But I'm also thinking, like just a tad.

  • I don't know.

  • I don't want to say try, but it is towards the dry side because it has been double cooked, you know?

  • Anyway, it's good.

Hey, kids, today we're making adobo fried chicken U two's best for creative things.


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アドボフライドチキン (Adobo Fried Chicken)

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