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  • It's fun to look back and it's naturally a time in which I am thinking

  • about what I've done but I'm generally not a person who lives in the

  • past and when people ask me

  • "What were your favorite moments? What were your highlights?"

  • the things that come to mind are the things we've done most recently;

  • the recent tour in Europethe Mahler 4s that we did,

  • the Berlioz "Symphonie fantastique"

  • I think the Orchestra's playing

  • so beautifully and with such generosity

  • and such flexibility and such heart.

  • For me, we're at the top of our game now.

  • The chemistry between me and the Orchestra has evolved.

  • I've tried to adjust the way I've worked with the Orchestra over time.

  • It's a weird thing, conducting,

  • because you're telling the Orchestra what to do but

  • you also have to incorporate what they offer.

  • It's a very dynamic communication.

  • Well playing Guitar Hero with Death was definitely one of the highlights

  • especially since I won that encounter.

  • How often can people say that?

  • Musically there are so many powerful moments that I'll never forget.

  • I remember doing "Ein Heldenleben"

  • and hearing Glenn Dicterow to my left and playing some of the most

  • unbelievable instrumental solos that you will ever hear.

  • I was just thinking to myself,

  • "Wow, I get to do this this. This is really, really lucky."

  • Not many people get that kind of spiritual high.

  • The moment, actually, that jumps to mind

  • because it affected me in such a surprisingly visceral way

  • was kind of an odd one.

  • We were in a rehearsal for Doug Fitch's Dancer's Dream project

  • and at one point we asked the musicians to

  • stand up and move around, and dance and play their

  • their parts by heart and suddenly when I saw these musicians dancing around and

  • rocking it out in this rehearsal I got so moved I actually had tears in my eyes

  • because I was thinking "Wow!

  • Look what the New York Philharmonic

  • is doing so enthusiastically

  • and with such belief and such sort of buy-in."

  • It really would have been impossible to imagine the Orchestra

  • doing that in my first season.

  • We really shifted the paradigm and that

  • they were willing to go outside of what is traditionally asked of orchestral

  • musicians and do it so compellingly.

  • That was one of the moments where I

  • actually was overcome by a feeling that totally took me by surprise.

  • I've been thinking a lot for this next chapter of my life,

  • both personal and musical,

  • about how I can use music and who I am as a musician and the

  • platform I am privileged to occupy as a musician

  • how I can use music for good.

  • Orchestras are in a unique position placed within the societies that they serve,

  • the communities that they serve,

  • to really get a message out.

  • I think there is such a thing as working for what's right

  • and what is humanly important and

  • what is morally correct and orchestras, since they can

  • reach so many different people and since the language of music is so

  • international, I think we have the possibility but also the duty, the

  • responsibility to stand up for what it what what is right.

  • Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.

  • And the fact is that even now I travel so much and I

  • will continue to have so much time in New York traveling in the future my

  • heart will always be here and I always feel at home here.

  • New York is definitely special. It's where I grew up.

  • It's where I sort of became who I am

  • and it's been such a privilege to be able to work here

  • with the New York Philharmonic over these eight years

  • and somehow that will always be part of who I am.

  • I do feel incredibly close to our audience

  • and what I spoke about early on

  • was the hope that we would build up a kind of rapport and a kind of trust and

  • I really think we've accomplished that

  • I feel the warmth when when I come on stage

  • and the willingness of the Orchestra to try new things

  • the willingness of the audience to try new things

  • and to share experiences together, has I think, really happened

  • and for that I'm going to be eternally grateful.

It's fun to look back and it's naturally a time in which I am thinking


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