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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the dot com on the usual and I'm Hittle.

  • And today we're making a masala chicken with a lot of Southern Indian flavors, and it's it's amazing.

  • It's not a lot of ingredients, but it's so flavorful, and you're gonna love this one.

  • We're gonna be using two and 1/2 pounds off ties, chicken pies that we cut to buy place pieces, and the other big ingredient in this recipe is onions.

  • So, as you can see, we're using lots and lots of onions.

  • We have about two and 1/2 large onions that we've sliced, and here they are.

  • It looks like a lot, but it's gonna be fabulous in this recipe.

  • Also, we have a ton.

  • Could you put that or curry leaves?

  • So if you can get your hands on a bunch of them, this is about five big sprigs of these.

  • There's an important flavor in this recipe.

  • We have three tablespoons of oil heating up in the pan.

  • Large fan.

  • You wanted a room to be next to this dimension of cinema.

  • Buy clothes, half a teaspoon off back peppercorns or today's one large baby and my black card get a 32nd head start.

  • Do this.

  • You're gonna have one tablespoon of vinyl seats.

  • Just looking for another 30 seconds.

  • Now we're gonna add in the authorities once its teats dehydrating.

  • And that's perfect.

  • Now we're gonna add the onions.

  • You got it.

  • Two tablespoons out amidst the stones of ginger.

  • Missed train journeys.

  • Men's tastes.

  • I'm gonna make sense.

  • Well, on a lot of onions have been cooking for about 13 to 15 minutes and look at it.

  • It looks wonderful.

  • They have started caramelizing a little bit.

  • Onions have reduced quite a bit.

  • And then add the chicken.

  • Do it now.

  • Thanks.

  • We're also gonna add salt for the chicken.

  • Now, today's and we're gonna cover it and cook the chicken delivered bones.

  • We're gonna keep stirring in between.

  • So it's been about 15 minutes.

  • Let's make sure the chicken is cooked.

  • Just press on.

  • One breaks easily, and it's not pink in the center.

  • It's done.

  • It's all right.

  • Perfect.

  • Now there's a lot of moisture in here right now, and this conditions actually meant to me.

  • Try a sight.

  • So we're gonna allow you to cook and dry up a little bit more, but If you perform like this, you can stop at any point.

  • It's been about 10 minutes to get is drowning beautifully conceived, letting more oil gold if you notice here on its right so masala chicken is ready and it's got a nice brown coating on it, which is perfect, and we've garnish it with additional fresh curry leaves, which just finishes off.

  • Addition.

  • Really?

  • Well, it's not so, really, honestly, and this guy was really good.

  • You can have it, but but you can have a albums.

  • You can have it with your body.

  • You know any way you like it on those cells.

  • So it's a really very, very few ingredients, but full and packed with flavor and awesome dish.

  • So enjoy your masala chicken and join us again for another episode of Show Me the curry dot com, adding a pinch of spice to your life.



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マサラチキンのレシピ / カレーを見せてくれ (Masala Chicken Recipe / Show Me The Curry)

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