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  • Hi, I'm Marcus Rodent.

  • And on the principal timpanist of the New York Philharmonic, everything fell into place.

  • There was never a thought in my mind that I wanted to play a different instrument in the orchestra.

  • At one point I think it was 13.

  • My father, who was a trumpet player, was asked to sub with the upper house in Hanover, Germany, where it was born and raised.

  • And he thought, If you like percussion, you're gonna like this piece.

  • And this piece was the rite of spring by Stravinsky.

  • And so he sat me and you know, he ask for permission for us.

  • Of course.

  • Put me in a suit in a great tie.

  • And he placed me in the pit of the orchestra right in between the two typists.

  • And that was a moment that will never forget half on hour, that seemed like three months.

  • Just incredible.

  • You know, sounds and rhythms and I was just blown away.

  • Principal timpanist typically is referred to as the second conductor because the timing of what I do the placement of what play is very crucial in the ensemble, and that's why typically, the company will be sitting in the back in the center.

  • Brooklyn rate is one of those pieces that was, that's always fun to play and to listen to you, which is not necessarily what's the same thing, but just it has to do with how my instrument was tied into the work in itself, the last movement of itself.

  • It for me.

  • That's the symphony.

  • I played very loudly.

  • But it starts with these with these Grace knows that I'm gonna turn around, and then the breast that's in and I get my solo moment, which is gratifying.

  • Oh, I definitely love dogs.

  • Definitely West Side white one.

  • If I had to choose, I would say Stravinsky, Berlin, close to 100 pair, and I have another two bags I love, um, diving, which is one of my one of my biggest hobbies.

  • I read in the National Geographic that there wasn't enough water hole through the difference in acidity.

  • There's a hydrogen sulphide layer at around 60 70 feet, depth, which is where the rain water meets the salt water and so you can actually see and a little bit even smell because goes through reports this cell fight, and after that, you go down 220 feet and into the cave until the very end of the cave at which you then turn around 60 feet away.

  • You see this distant, faint light that comes to that water hole, which is 150 feet when he was a very, very faint lights and you dove slowly towards and it just got brighter and brighter and brighter.

  • It was just spiritual moment was really unbelievable.

Hi, I'm Marcus Rodent.


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