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Hi everybody
Do you know what it is inside?
we are going to make delicious stew today
delicious Korean style clam stew!
it's called Jogaetang. Let's open!
Marylanf clams. Hard shell Maryland clams.
The size is not too small not to big. Less than 2 inch.
this is a perfectly size for jogaetang.
And this is one kilo more than 2 pounds
First when you bring the clams
and wash. Rinse in cold water in scrub a little bit
and then after that salty water around four cups
water and one tablespoon salt and mix this
and then soak this at least 2 hours.
These clams are soaked overnight actually so you can soak overnight at least two hours.
I will show you.
These guys spit out all mud and sand.
See? Can you see that? Throw away.
This is so clean!
And peel this.
Thinly slice.
This radish makes broth really tasty and sweet.
Small onion.
2 large garlic cloves.
5 large dried anchovies.
Remove heads. And then press down with 2 fingers.
And then inside, innards.
Remove this.
20 minutes after
we are going to take out all dried anchovies.
Radish is a little translucent, it's cooked.
And the soup,
The broth is an amber color, so tasty.
so we take out dried anchovies
let's add clam
Cover this until the clams open. We just keep boiling
So meanwhile we need to add the green chili pepper
green chili pepper adds a really good flavor. So I always use green chili pepper
And this is green onion.
All this green stuff we are going to add
just before serving.
Clams started opening.
We didn't use any salt here.
Because these clams saltiness coming out. So we don't need any salt.
All clams are open now. And then one more minute I'll keep boiling.
Turn off.
Ground black pepper and what else?
Sesame oil, one teaspoon.
Oh my!
To eat this I made rice. And this is "mitbanchan." Mitbanchan is side dishes
that you can keep in the refrigerator for a while.
And then kimchi. Just only a couple of days ago I made this kimchi.
Looks so good!
After taking kimchi always press down like this. This juice, kimchi juice.
Put it back.
Remember? This is gochu-jangajji?
So this is my jogaetang. Clam stew.
Kimchi, gochu-jangajji: pickled green chili pepper
and this is beans, braised beans. And also jangjorim, salty beef.
This side dishes are always kept in the refrigerator,
so easy when you make this one stew, and then bring
all your side dishes and then you can make a nice meal. I made rice.
First I like to taste this broth, let's taste.
Mmmm! Really good. No matter what temperature
it is you can "Whaaa it's cool, refreshing!"
We say "shiwonhada." Shiwonhada means, actually, "cool."
So many people just wondering why Korean people say that cool
even though they eat just a hot temperature stuff?
When you taste this
and swallow
this broth is going all through to your
stomach. Feel really refreshing. And cool.
Cheers, everybody!
This radish is really delicious.
Soft. Sweet.
Soft and chewy and sweet, savory
and perfect. Today we made to get Jogaetang.
Korean style clam stew.
Enjoy my recipe. See you next time, bye!


Clam Stew (Jogaetang: 조개탕)

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