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- I'm rooting for the Chiefs
so the 49ers don't have more Super Bowls than the Cowboys.
I can get behind Andy Reid winning the Super Bowl
as long as it's not with the Eagles.
Demi Lovato singing the national anthem.
Sing it, Demi!
49ers deferred, Chiefs getting the ball to start.
Chiefs almost pulled a Dak.
Who's that little kid supposed to be?
Is that supposed to be Patrick Mahomes?
Is that TimTheTatman?
Is he the ball boy?
The next generation, I get it.
I like that commercial.
Three and out for the Chiefs.
Why is Mahomes throw the ball that fast?
Kansas City held on defense.
Okay, Kansas City.
I really don't care about this game at all.
We need to sign Dak, that's all I care about.
And Amari Cooper.
How did Jimmy Ward get hurt on that tackle?
Mahomes should've been the hurt one.
He got kneed in the face, ooh.
Black Widow, I might see that.
Mahomes with the juke on the option!
What a play call, did you see that shift?
Direct snap.
We need to run plays like that.
Kellen Moore, pay attention.
Is Tom Brady retiring during the Super Bowl?
A Hulu commercial?
We got baited, wow.
Jimmy Johnson in the building.
We should've never got rid of Jimmy Johnson.
Garoppolo out here throwing like Carson Wentz.
Is that Jim from the Office?
Smart Park.
Cheetos has Popcorn now?
Chiefs going for it again on fourth down.
And they get it.
Wow, must be nice to have an aggressive play calling coach.
49ers held them, looks like we got ourselves a game.
Raheem Mostert is putting in work.
He's like Tony Pollard if he got carries.
How did Juszczyk catch that?
He went to Harvard?
Fullbacks are people too.
Ya love to see it.
Coke has energy drinks now?
Why is the Koolaid Man in the peanut commercial?
Is that Mr. Clean?
The wiener mobile's there.
Best crossover of this decade so far.
They called offensive pass interference on Kittle?
I know 49ers fans are heated.
I don't know why the 49ers didn't call timeout
before the punt.
Okay, halftime.
Okay, Shakira, okay.
Looking like a snack.
Her hips have never lied.
I have no idea what she's saying, but she looks good though.
Okay, J-Lo.
♪ I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block ♪
Where's a wardrobe malfunction when you need it?
Good halftime show, that was Miami personified.
That's Bhad Bunny?
I thought Bhad Bunny was a female.
49ers got settle for a field goal?
Mahomes threw an interception?
He threw it right to the defender,
he must not have seen him.
Deebo Samuels is balling.
If the 49ers win, he's the MVP.
Raheem Mostert scored.
Moss-tert or Most-ert?
Don't let it get away from you.
Come on now, Chiefs.
Mahomes threw another interception?
This is the first time all season
he's thrown two interceptions.
That could be game.
How is Tyreek Hill that open?
Pass interference on Kelce.
That's obvious pass interference, Troy Aikman.
Touchdown Kelce!
Got ourselves a game now.
Where are the Budweiser horse commercials at?
Refs missed a head to head on Garoppolo.
The Chiefs really about to comeback and win this.
Sammy Watkins wide open!
That was on Richard Sherman too.
The Chiefs already on the goal line?
Third and goal.
Touchdown Williams!
Did he get in?
Kansas City is up!
I'm just glad we got a good game.
Arya Stark can sing?
I would have preferred a musical
to the season finale they had.
Fourth and 10.
Do or die time for the Niners.
The Chiefs sacked Garoppolo.
That's game.
All they gotta do is run the clock out now.
One first down, that's all they need.
Damien Williams he's gonna score.
That's game, there it is.
Kendall Fuller, what a interception, get up.
Good game.
We next though.
I can feel it, Cowboys are gonna be there next year.
If the Chiefs can win a Super Bowl,
the Cowboys can win a Super Bowl.
Patrick Mahomes won MVP?
Okay, that's Dak next year.
If we ever sign him.
Andy Reid finally got one, I'm happy for him.
Only thing holding us back was the clapper.
Now if we can just sign Dak and Amari, we'll be fine.
Oh, and Byron Jones.
What am I supposed to do now?
There's no more football.
I'm supposed to watch the XFL?
I might do it, I might.
I'm a grown man.
Okay, hold on.


Cowboys Fans During the Super Bowl

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