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  • you see what happens when you don't listen to an Iraqi.

  • We start using Duke Johnson at running back again.

  • What are we doing?

  • Was smart move.

  • My man can't compare the deal.

  • Marquis Cooper's 20 Josh Court looking like a steel Right now.

  • We didn't trade Patrick Peterson quarterback or we gonna drive you running here.

  • Will Greer's Terrell Pryor is our best quarterback.

  • I don't think Johnson Herbert's gonna fall that far.

  • Every other NFC East team is getting good.

  • And what are we doing trading away our whole team Time.

  • I'll govern for a septum or Jackson and tie in the back field.

  • Training time.

  • Way traded.

  • Ha, ha!

  • So we're just not going anymore for What are we doing?

  • What are the Packers doing?

  • We got going for tiredness.

  • I'm alright.

  • Meanwhile, the Cowboy's gotta Mark Cooper.

  • Far, far understand amount and Trevor and one over right.

  • We gotta play it twice more now.

  • It's not fair.

  • Have seven first round picks on our defense.

  • We could not have traded lady on.

  • Belle didn't sign his contract.

  • Eli Apple and Marshawn Lattimore.

  • The last contract, and we play the Broncos this week.

  • Laney College is safe just ah ha Jersey.

  • All part of the plan we drafted sake want.

  • Now we go and get Justin.

  • Herbert.

  • I'm a grown man.

  • I'm not gonna cry.

  • Um, I cried.

you see what happens when you don't listen to an Iraqi.


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