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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com.

  • My manager and I'm little.

  • And today we're making at Jenna home.

  • This is a little different.

  • Hello.

  • It's it's a lot more hardy, and it's it's had and made over the winter seasons, actually, because, you know, Channel gives you a lot of warmth.

  • That's a perfect helper to make over the winter time.

  • But it's great any time of the year for this recipe, of course.

  • For the Annabelle Hobo we're using, General, and we have half a cup right here.

  • This is the dry version, and what we did is we watched it until the water ran clear and we've soaked it for three hours and three cups.

  • Now, ideally, you can soak it overnight in the milk and you can put it in the fridge.

  • So just the same thing.

  • Just put it in the fridge because you don't want the milk to curdle and stuff like that.

  • But three hours out on the counter is absolutely fine.

  • So we've got it soaking already in the pressure cooker and we just gonna close it and we gonna take it to the store and they were allowed to whistle once, reduce the temperature and let it with one more time.

  • The bottom line is you're trying to make that China doll soft and mushy.

  • Theo.

  • Turn the flame down to a simmer and let it go until the whistle one more time.

  • So we switched off the stove after it whistle two times, and the pressure is going down all by itself.

  • Open it up, so let's take a look at that Jenna, though Now it looks hole.

  • But if you take one of the dolls impressive and your fingers like this, it easily breaks apart and you know it's cooked just right.

  • So in a non stick skillet, anytime you're boiling milk and working with milk, sometimes it's just better to use nonstick surfaces.

  • You don't have to baby does much.

  • They're gonna just transfer the milk and the tonight, and we're going to allow it to come to boil.

  • Now you really have to be around and make sure that the milk does not boil and does not burn at the bottom, and you want them the general to absorb all the milk basically, and you also wanted to start crumbling.

  • So after a little while You know, just start pressing down the China doll so it breaks up on it.

  • Bottom line becomes a hover.

  • So case you don't have a pressure cooker.

  • You can do this entire process on the stovetop in a pan similar to this.

  • It'll just increase your cooking time, and you have to constantly keep stirring.

  • And this is gonna keep cooking until it reduces quite a bit and we'll be back.

  • It's been about 5 to 7 minutes, and we've been continuously stirring the mixture.

  • And as you can see, the milk is starting to reduce and the general is starting to also break down a little bit and in an additional 34 minutes and look at it.

  • It's getting creamier, and at this point, I'm gonna reduce the temperature of the stove a little bit more so I have more control because the milk tends to burn really fast.

  • So just don't leave it side and make sure you keep stirring.

  • And at this point you can start again pressing down the China doll and help it to crush a little bit more.

  • Just aided a little bit.

  • I also don't want it to be a total Mass.

  • You want there to be a little texture.

  • You know, that's the beauty of this, huh?

  • This looks good.

  • It's smashed down a little bit more, and it has reduced quite a bit.

  • At this point, we're gonna add in the sugar you're gonna add 1/3 cup of sugar on Nick's.

  • Sugar's always to taste.

  • If you prefer a sweeter desert nation and you can add more, you can scale back sugar again.

  • Once when it starts melting, it'll be a little form or liquid.

  • So we're gonna wait for that liquid also to evaporate.

  • It's after another 23 minutes of cooking we're gonna add in, Ah, half a couple of key, and I would add a little at a time and keep mixing it in.

  • So now the whole of eyes started absorbing the key, and then you're going to keep roasting it, keep stirring it, roasting it till it actually becomes a very soft, dry shuttle, More dry Shalva Now make sure is almost clumping together and coming together.

  • So at this point, we're just going to add and ever gonna turn off the stove.

  • And you weren't gonna add in 1/4 teaspoon off alighted powder, cardamom powder and cash is to taste.

  • You can also add in reasons a war Lots, You know, whatever you like.

  • Whatever Dr Foods you like on its ready to sell, this is best served hot summer.

  • Jenna Talackova is ready to go now.

  • What a big difference from when we started cooking and how liquidy the whole mixture waas Now it's like just it looks so whole lot like right on the milk actually makes it creamy and a lot of people What they do is they add additional cream to it.

  • But, you know, I think this is, you know, good.

  • You don't need to add a need anything additional.

  • So it's like, perfect for us.

  • And the other thing is, we used actually used 2% milk.

  • You can, of course, use whole milk on the skin with a lot of work.

  • But whole milk works out really well.

  • It again it becomes more creamy.

  • But in the pressure cooker, you be very careful because that tends to really burn very fast.

  • So fat content, Yes.

  • So I'm actually armed with my spoon.

  • Try just the right amount of texture and it's sweet and creamy.

  • at the same time, and once again the sugar is completely up to you.

  • This is perfect for how we like it, but I know a lot of people.

  • Deserts have to be super sweet, So just go ahead and add a little more sugar, right?

  • You have to cook it maybe a couple of minutes longer, but that's about it.

  • Absolutely so.

  • Just another variation for another hover so can never have too many things.

  • That is so true.

  • If you like this recipe and you want to see more from us, be sure you hit that subscribe button and subscribe to her channel because it's absolutely free and you'll be the first to know every time we post a new recipe.

  • Yep.

  • So enjoy a China doll, Helga, and join us again on another episode of Show Me the curry dot com displays here.



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