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  • My name is Paul Downs Collazo.

  • I'm the writer and director of Britney runs a marathon.

  • This is a movie about a woman in her twenties living in New York named Britney, played by Julian Bell, who tries to take control of her life.

  • And the way she plans to do that is through running this scene is her first attempt actually hitting the pavement to go for a run.

  • So I'm gonna give you two examples of how this was a team effort to make this movie on a budget.

  • In this scene, I wanted Britney to be confronted with a warped version of her own image.

  • We were originally planning to create this effect in post production with special effects.

  • But when we found out how much that was going to cost, it was no longer an option.

  • So our prop master Shondaland, very quickly figured out how to pull this off, practically creating what I think is one of the most visually memorable moments in the film.

  • This'll next moment with Britney at the refrigerator was a scene I was gonna cut for time and money.

  • But my assistant on the film, Kim Rosen, fought me on it.

  • And when I saw what this moment meant to her, I kept it, and I'm very glad I did.

  • Mmm.

  • Hey, guys.

  • So this character is Katherine, played by the understated Lee Charming, the Kayla Walk ins.

  • I wanted to create a juxtaposition between Britney's world and Katherine's, which is why she's really enjoying that green juice.

  • She plays the woman who owns the apartment above Britney and Britney's got the wrong idea about her.

  • Hello, Hello in there.

  • It's Katherine.

  • I wanted the audience to understand right off the bat that Katherine has good intentions.

  • I think you call me money back to Martha three s and that these two contrasting women have a lot in common, even if they don't see it.

  • So even though I put a wall between them, I have them both on the same side of the frame in order to keep them somewhat visually aligned.

  • I don't need your pity.

  • Thank you.

  • No pity.

  • Katherine's world you can see in her clothes really has a cooler, cleaner color palette than Britney's juvenile vibrancy, which you can see in his apartment.

  • You got a two story apartment he bought 20 years ago.

  • You just like uses your photography studio zero Honey.

  • It's nice to hear someone thinks my life is so idyllic.

  • This is the very first moment the film where things turned decidedly confrontational.

  • Here I wanted the camera.

  • I feel like it was infiltrating Britney's world in an aggressive way.

  • Even though Catherine moves with grace, this is how it feels to Britney.

  • I'm broke temp, fat livers, Shut it down or something, and I lied.

  • Risk your dog from a shelter and told me that I could give the dog would cut the future of desert.

  • This is the first time that Britney is being honest about how she'd use her own life.

  • I am sure that you have a lot to offer.

  • It's a great example of a scene where the actress playing Britney Julian Bell brought to set a very different energy than the one I had in mind when I was writing it.

  • That surprised me.

  • I understood Britney to be angry at the world in this moment for not giving her what it seemingly gave everyone else so easily.

  • But Gillian, from the very first take, was playing in a way that said to me that Britney had actually been trying to manifest a better life for herself these past few years, and she was baffled.

  • This is where her efforts took her with no idea how to get on a different path.

  • And I was really moved by it.

  • And I found it to be a more interesting choice than mine.

  • So rather than direct her away from her instinct, I leaned into it.

  • Well, I've got secrets.

  • Got things that I'm not gonna tell my kids until they're older.

  • I think we have for Ochoa really good screened ankle for, like, needle stuff.

  • Heroin.

  • Are you gloating about it?

  • Part of the concept of this film is to take stock characters that you think you know and repeatedly up and your expectations about them.

  • Here we do it with Katherine.

  • I found what I thought was a group of real artist.

  • So we find validation and very unhealthy places sometimes because life's overwhelming.

  • This movie was inspired by my roommate in my mid twenties.

  • Her name is also Brittany.

  • One of the big conversations we had that inspired her to start running took place late at night as the two of us talked about life.

  • Sitting on our kitchen floor, I was hoping by staging the scene on Britney's kitchen floor, I might be able to capture the spirit of that real life moment in ways I couldn't even consciously plan and if not, would be a nice not my real life friend.

My name is Paul Downs Collazo.


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