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  • What is the theoretically fastest way that you could get from LA to San Francisco?

  • It can never crash.

  • It’s immune to weather.

  • The hyperloop, you know, is something that would go effectively faster than the speed of sounds.

  • Elon Musk has been talking about hyperloop for a while in the vaguest possible terms

  • until now because he has released a 57-page document outlining his plans.

  • If youre not familiar with Musk, he’s been involved or come up with paypal,

  • Testla electronic cars, the Space X program which came up with the world’s first reusable rockets

  • and designed the Falcon rocket system for NASA.

  • He’s invested heavily in solar energy.

  • Basically, he’s had more great ideas than I have had.

  • And his plans for Hyperloop would involve linking 2 urban areas,

  • probably no more than 1,500 kilometers apart,

  • with a low-pressure pneumatic tube-type system,

  • sending pods carrying people from town to town at close to sonic velocity.

  • Now, he’s proposals are to build a cheap network from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

  • Because going much farther than that, he says it would become economically unviable.

  • It will be cheaper to go by a Supersonic plane.

  • Now if youll just have a tube, full of air with pods travelling through it, that wouldn’t be quick.

  • The friction would make the source of speeds he’s talking about is impossible.

  • There have been similar plans released previously by Rand Corporation and ET3.

  • That would be even quicker than these ones using electromagnetic suspension in a total vacuum.

  • But the problem there is leaks.

  • One seal or small crack on a huge tube network would stop it working.

  • But Musk has a solution to that which is a low pressure system instead of a total vacuum,

  • that could cope with small leaks but would introduce another problem

  • the Kantrowitz Limit

  • In basic terms, if the walls of the tube and the capsule are too close together,

  • the capsule begins pushing the air in the system instead of letting it flow past.

  • A bit like a pressure build-up in a syringe.

  • So the Kantrowitz Limit means that you have to either travel very very slowly

  • or build a tube with a huge diameter in which case you can travel quicker

  • but you subject yourself to crushing g force as soon as you get round the slightest bend.

  • But again Musk has a solution which is to put a battery powered electric compressor fan

  • at the front of the pod pumping air to back and relieving pressure.

  • He reckons that would work when combined with an external linear electric motor.

  • That’s the same sort of one that you’d get in an electric car but flattened.

  • And that would accelerate the pods up to full speed and give them a power boost every now and then.

  • So all of this is gotta be ridiculously expensive, right?

  • Well, Elon Musk reckons that he can build this for several billions dollars which sounds like a lot

  • but he says that it’s still cheaper than the proposed high speed rail network in California.

  • So his proposal would be to build an elevated tube network on pylons alongside an existing highway.

  • And that would provide a straight line, relatively few land disputes and be able to be built in prefabricated sections.

  • And on top of all of that, he says his plans would be more resistant to earthquakes and thermal expansion and contraction than a traditional railway.

  • So it sounds perfect but obviously, there were skeptics.

  • As I’ve seen for this seemed really low for me for a system that requires rights of way through major metropolitan regions which this one does.

  • Even when you build an elevatedsay an elevated train which we do all the time in transportation,

  • There are substantial costs to that in terms of right of way acquisition

  • and there will always environmental lawsuits challenging your ability to try to construct such rights of way.

  • Because people don’t necessarily want new elevated things whizzing by their houses.

  • So there were doubts as to whether or not this can actually happen.

  • But if Elon Musk plans can become a reality, there will be faster, cheaper, more environmentally friendly,

  • more earthquake resistant, more weather proof, and less disruptive than current modes of transport.

  • So, I for one hope that I can travel on this within the next few years.

  • I’d also like to see him build me a hoverboard.

What is the theoretically fastest way that you could get from LA to San Francisco?


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