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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the carrie dot com I'm in Asia and today I'm gonna show you how to DC a pomegranate.

  • Now, look at this.

  • Pomegranate is really in season over here in India right now they are gorgeous color and you see them all over the place.

  • And of course you want to eat them and not waste all your time trying to deceive them.

  • Now, this is what a pomegranate looks like.

  • And when you're buying one, try to fire, get something that has got an even coloring on it.

  • So try not to get something which has got, like different colored spots on it.

  • Probably not ripened from a particular part.

  • So try to avoid those.

  • So not only does the pomegranate look pretty, it's also very high in antioxidants, great for cholesterol levels and great for people with heart issues.

  • So let's get this baby cracking now.

  • On a recent trip to Bangkok, I come across a street vendor was making some pomegranate juice and selling them, and you can just totally imagine how many pomegranates he had to de seed to be able to make some juice.

  • So I was just absolutely order and fascinated by the way he was so quickly churning them out and d seeding them and getting some juice out.

  • So here's a quick clip at look at him.

  • So it wasn't that acute clip.

  • The guy was so fast, so good.

  • So let's try and imitate and see if it really works for us as well.

  • So here's the pomegranate, and what we're gonna do is we're gonna score the edges of the top part of it, but just a little bit and kind of make like a little cap.

  • And you gonna remove that cap now?

  • One of the things to keep in mind is to make sure you do not wear white when you're working with a pomegranate.

  • So you've scored it on I'm gonna do is take it off like a cap today.

  • It's not if you notice these membranes down the side if you look white membranes, so we're gonna against core it along the membranes again.

  • Not too deep, you know.

  • You try to avoid the seats, just do it gently.

  • After you worked on a 1,000,000 of those, you'll be able to do these Justus fast with this guy.

  • I'm gonna take a bull.

  • And I'm just gonna try these open and just with the help you're Tom.

  • Just work on this a little bit, and you will notice you can hear the pomegranates.

  • Just it just crack open, Okay?

  • And here you go.

  • Uh, look at that.

  • And this little thing comes off.

  • Now, this little white membrane again, you can just pull it off.

  • You can just feel it off now.

  • This white membrane is not the edible pot, so we're gonna just have to discard that and look at it.

  • Beautiful.

  • I'm gonna All I'm gonna do is just flip it around, take a spoon or a ladle and just start gently hitting it down.

  • And needless to say, there's always a few stubborn ones everywhere they go.

  • Just pull those out.

  • So then all you have to do is just because these little white memories out and all you're left with is this absolutely delicious.

  • Yummy seeds plague.

  • All done.

  • Look at that seeds, air part.

  • It's already seated.

  • So enjoy your pomegranate seats.

  • Hari like them.

  • I'm gonna be eating them in chart.

  • Or just like that.

  • The moment you bite into them, it's like a burst of juice and flavour, so that's absolutely amazing.

  • So enjoy a pomegranate seats in fruit shot or in the belly, or even like that are in a reduction anyway you like.

  • And if you like this video and you'd like to see more from us, please don't forget to subscribe and join us again on another episode of Show Me the curry dot com, adding a pinch of spice to your life.



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