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  • We can't pay Zeke, Dak, and Amari!

  • Zeke is a generational talent.

  • Is Zeke still in Cabo?

  • We're not trading Zeke.

  • We got a Cabo sighting.

  • Trade him.

  • I'm tired of this foolishness.

  • No loyalty.

  • If we trade him, he's just gonna be a hall of fame running back for another team.

  • You don't pay running backs that type of money.

  • The CBA is going up.

  • We can sign everyone.

  • I did the math.

  • We have to sign Dak.

  • So you don't remember Quincy Carter?

  • How you gonna hold out with 2 years left on your contract?

  • What did Jerry Jones say?

  • You don't need a rushing leader to win a championship?

  • So he forgot who Emmitt Smith was?

  • I might go to Cabo.

  • Last time we won a Super Bowl, who was the running back?

  • What if he holds out through the season?

  • At least we don't need him week 1.

  • Alfred Morris could be like James Conner?

  • You know the Steelers didn't go to the playoffs last year.

  • I'm not watching a single game unless they sign Zeke.

  • I will hate Jerry Jones forever.

  • Our offense is literally built around Zeke.

  • He's prepared to sit out a year if he doesn't get a new contract?

  • He was the league leader in rushing.

  • We're going 4-12 without Zeke.

  • Pay him.

  • We don't have enough money!

  • I'm not worried.

  • We're gonna get a deal done.

  • Tony PAH-Lerd Puh-LARD.

  • I don't even know how to say his name.

  • You know who's name I know how to say?

  • Zeke.

  • Ezekiel.

  • Ezekiel Elliott.

  • Pay the man!

  • I'm a grown man.

We can't pay Zeke, Dak, and Amari!


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ジークのホールドアウト中のカウボーイズのファン (Cowboys Fans During Zeke's Holdout)

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