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We can't pay Zeke, Dak, and Amari!
Zeke is a generational talent.
Is Zeke still in Cabo?
We're not trading Zeke.
We got a Cabo sighting.
Trade him.
I'm tired of this foolishness.
No loyalty.
If we trade him, he's just gonna be a hall of fame running back for another team.
You don't pay running backs that type of money.
The CBA is going up.
We can sign everyone.
I did the math.
We have to sign Dak.
So you don't remember Quincy Carter?
How you gonna hold out with 2 years left on your contract?
What did Jerry Jones say?
You don't need a rushing leader to win a championship?
So he forgot who Emmitt Smith was?
I might go to Cabo.
Last time we won a Super Bowl, who was the running back?
What if he holds out through the season?
At least we don't need him week 1.
Alfred Morris could be like James Conner?
You know the Steelers didn't go to the playoffs last year.
I'm not watching a single game unless they sign Zeke.
I will hate Jerry Jones forever.
Our offense is literally built around Zeke.
He's prepared to sit out a year if he doesn't get a new contract?
He was the league leader in rushing.
We're going 4-12 without Zeke.
Pay him.
We don't have enough money!
I'm not worried.
We're gonna get a deal done.
Tony PAH-Lerd Puh-LARD.
I don't even know how to say his name.
You know who's name I know how to say?
Ezekiel Elliott.
Pay the man!
I'm a grown man.


Cowboys Fans During Zeke's Holdout

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