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Here we go, baby time.
Two clicks of the vision.
Shawn Lee playing Charlie's out.
What else?
Always play.
Oh, okay.
Jack Marin.
It's okay.
Dalton's Scholesy.
What's right?
Okay, opening drive watch are still end up getting a few local.
They're down.
Out, huh?
In complete.
Right, Maher.
48 yards got blocked.
Oh, my God.
He's down by contact was like 12 cowboys touching.
It's always something with Mark ever easy holding.
You gotta make that tackle, Gino or we do it.
I missed another block in the back on Vander Astor.
Scored on third down.
Who is Matt?
How is Vienna, Terry?
Still playing football when we train for military.
This is the worst start possible.
Can only get better from here and drop us down.
No time the Eagles, but they have the Lincoln held on it.
That one too long, Dad.
Rid of what?
He got that first out.
Every stop for God's intercepted him.
Cole Beasley in the helmet.
First down.
Fullback dropped down from four down.
He got stuck.
The Colts are only passing the ball five yards or shorter.
Sportsmanlike condo.
Xavier Woods.
What you doing was on them way just got attacked.
Legal blocking the back way.
Get a call her down at 38.
Better not convert job defense.
Gotta get another punt return.
Cole Beasley has more yards going backwards and gets a maximum of two yard when this table on Austin come back.
Adam Redman.
Who was Adam Briton?
Easily injured.
Just let's get Cooper ball.
Do you miss that?
Thanks, man.
Holding entire and Smith another holding.
Those just wanna honor William.
That's not a whole way down.
Zeke hurt.
Okay, Where was dad throwing that?
We go for four.
Down, Down.
Okay, Jason, care not fitting into this dry.
How are their receivers getting open?
I don't know.
Balding on Anthony Brown.
Way doing.
It's gonna be the most frustrating game I've watched all season.
43 yard tip right down the middle.
Must be nice.
Forgot the colts get the ball first to him all over City.
She talking like why I was covering the receiver out of bounds and walk down the field on our lead.
Let's just hope they literally held my Cooper along on that play late.
Darwin, you gotta catch that.
Bring it in for a fortune to basically get lost in the sauce a little bit.
Holding $35 5 million, 37 yards to tell you why I'm turning the game.
We're only down three scores, but not really.
Because we have way.
Stop them on third down, Terry scored again.
Must be nice to suit.
The Redskins are doing.
What are you doing, Jack?
Why you still in this game and this game be over already?
I'm not watching.
I don't way not score any points with the Redskins Win.
It is better that we lost.
Now 1/3 string quarterback, The Jaguars are garbage.
And the Eagles 12 What a disgusting, just polite way.
I'm a grown man.


Cowboys Fans During the Colts Game

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