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- Go Knights.
Charge on.
We're the best team in Florida.
Did you see me on GameDay?
It's not a playoff, it's an invitational.
Top ten programs don't play 2-for-1s.
I love Danny White.
I wouldn't want to play us either.
Florida is afraid.
We've never lost to Bama.
I still can't believe they closed Wackadoos.
We're 1 and 0 against Bama, look it up.
We can only beat the teams on our schedule.
It's not our fault Pitt sucks!
It's not our fault we had to reschedule
the UNC game because of a hurricane.
We're going back to back.
Don't worry about our recruiting class.
The fact that they put a two loss Michigan in front of us!
Stars don't mean anything.
Brandon Marshall was a two star.
We just do more with less.
If we were in the SEC, Mckenzie Milton
would've won the Heisman.
Do I do it?
If I could give Mckenzie Milton my leg, I would.
How's his recovery coming?
If an announcer says Golden Knights one more time.
If an announcer says Central Florida one more time!
It's UCF, not Central Florida.
We're not self proclaimed national champions.
Page 115.
The Colley-Matrix says--
If Alabama can claim all their
national championships, we can claim this one.
We want Bama!
Why would Justin Fields transfer here?
Where are we gonna put the other
national championship banner?
We're a second half team.
It's actually a power six.
Wait, you go to USF?
We all make mistakes.
USF isn't even in south Florida.
They lost to Marshall.
I hope Charlie Strong never leaves.
Remember JJ's catch against Temple?
Thing of beauty.
How many SEC teams are we gonna have to beat?
We're not losing to LSU.
They said the same thing about Auburn.
You going to Spirit Splash?
They said the same thing about Baylor.
We run this state.
What's the excuse gonna be this time?
Did you see if Blake Bortle's Ask Me Anything on Reddit?
We were the first to use Zombie Nation.
(humming Zombie Nation)
Everyone else is just copying us.
U-C-F Knights.
I can't wait 'til they finish the lazy river.
Did you hear that?
Marshall just scored again.
Scott Frost is killing it in Nebraska.
If Mckenzie didn't get hurt, we would've made the playoffs.
SEC bias is real.
The Big 12 is dumb for not adding us.
I still follow BortlesFacts on Twitter.
We're better than every Big 12 team.
They better not let us into a conference.
Imagine what we'd do with power five money.
Knugget is so cute.
Did you see me on GameDay?
Why was Maury our guest picker?
They couldn't have got Daniel Tosh?
I don't know who I like more, Knugget or Knitro.
Eight team playoff would solve everything
but they won't do that 'cause they're scared.
We will play anyone anywhere as long as it's a 1-for-1.
All we do is win.
Whatever happened to Kevin Smith?
He should've won the Heisman in 07.
Now Kirk Herbstreit is a believer, okay.
Shaquem Griffin?
What a great story.
If we beat Stanford next year and still
don't get into the playoffs, I'm rioting.
It's called the bounce house for a reason.
It's completely safe though.
All we can do is continue to shock the world.
Just keep watching.
We're gonna prove all the haters wrong, watch.
I'm a grown man.
(humming Zombie Nation)
Wait what is it?
U-C-F Knights.
(humming Zombie Nation)
U-C-F Knights.


Things UCF Fans Say

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