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- I know we didn't make the playoffs,
but at least Jason Garrett's getting fired now.
Iʼll take Urban Meyer, maybe Lincoln Riley, get Nick Saban.
The whole staff has been fired, let's go!
Wait, what about Gary Brown?
What about Kris Richard?
What about Jon Kitna?
Wait, there have been no firings?
Have there or have there not been any firings?
Is Jason Garrett still the coach or not?
Jason Garrett has a meeting with Jerry Jones today,
here we go.
Nothing happened during the meeting?
No one got fired?
Are we really gonna go into 2020
with Garrett still as the coach?
Maybe it's for tax purposes?
If Jason Garrett is the coach next year,
I'm not watching anymore.
Ed Werder says they're moving on from Jason Garrett.
Ed Werder is wrong?
What is going on?
I only trust Jane Slater, what's Jane saying?
What is Jane saying?
No decisions have been made?
Quit playing games with my heart!
The Redskins got Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio.
Those are good hires.
But they still gotta coach Redskins players. (laughs)
Weʼre waiting for the Vikings to lose.
Weʼre getting Mike Zimmer.
Mike Zimmer's staying in Minnesota?
We need to get Sean Payton. Bill Belicheck.
Who is Dan Campbell?
Weʼre getting Matt Rhule.
Dan Mullen.
Greg Roman.
Dennis Allen.
Leslie Frazier.
Jim Harbaugh.
We need to get Gary Kubiak.
Are we seriously interviewing Marvin Lewis?
Weʼre only interviewing Marvin Lewis
to satisfy the Rooney Rule.
He wanted to bring Hue Jackson as offensive coordinator?
Weʼre interviewing Mike McCarthy?
How are we interviewing other candidates
before we fire Jason Garrett?
Garrett is lobbying to get his job back?
You had a decade!
It's official, we've moved on from Garrett!
Let's go! (laughs)
No more clapper. (claps)
Did you see what Dez tweeted?
About time!
The Eagles lost! (laughs)
The Eagles are complete trash.
Carson Wentz is so injury prone.
We have officially hired Mike McCarthy?
I don't like it, he's a Jason Garrett clone.
Mike McCarthy has won a Super Bowl,
he's exactly what we need.
The beginning of a new era.
We signed McCarthy for 5 years?
We gotta keep Jon Kitna at all costs.
Are we getting Mike Nolan at Defensive Coordinator?
McCarthy won a Super Bowl despite him being coach,
not because of him.
Who's the Defensive Coordinator gonna be?
Aaron Rodgers made McCarthy look way better than he was.
Who's the Offensive Coordinator gonna be?
If Aaron Rodgers is calling you outdated
for playcalling, that's a sign.
McCarthy's like Jason Garrett but without the clapping.
Hopefully, he learned a lot this offseason.
At least it wasn't Freddie Kitchens.
I like the hire, this is a win now hire.
I hate the hire, the man is a dinosaur!
At least it wasn't Jeff Fischer.
I'm not saying it's a bad hire,
I'm just saying we should've interviewed
at least some other people.
We were always going to hire a coach
with NFL head coaching experience.
McCarthy was the best one.
He doesn't understand the game anymore.
I'm not excited.
I'm hype.
There goes our running game.
What do you know about assistant coaches?
Are we keeping Kellen Moore?
At the end of the day, anyone is better than Jason Garrett.
Let's go, Cowboys!
I'm a grown man.
(laughs) The Eagles are trash!


Cowboys Fans During the Coaching Search

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