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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show military dot com I'm little I'm a new jer on uh, today we're making a laki sub d, and we're trying to figure out a name for it, trying to come up with these brilliant, innovative names.

  • But the bottom line is it's Laki, it's obscene, and we already have a lucky sub z.

  • But you know, here's a different one.

  • So we're gonna call it.

  • Since it's my mom's recipe, we're gonna call it Mama's Locket of the recipe so that his name Hey, it's the truth.

  • What to do?

  • It's the trick again.

  • It's Ah Laki Body Goad Opus Coorsh duty.

  • It's it's this wonderful vegetable that I think a lot of kids make creases that yeah, I did when I was little, and it comes out so many different sizes.

  • We happen to find a nice one baby version of it, but they come in huge size is also yes, but yes, but no matter, right that you know you get the better because it's the seeds are not as big, so it cooks a little faster.

  • It's a little tender, and of course, the smaller they are, the better they taste year So anyway, this is what we're using.

  • And that's something be making today, right?

  • So when you use this, of course, you cannot eat the peel the skin on this, so be sure you wash it well, peel it and then we're gonna cubit.

  • So the using about £2 it's about half a kg since I called looking for you going to do the so These are the remainder of our ingredients For this dish we have half of ah, small onion.

  • This is the onion that we use.

  • So half of that and we've just sliced it very thin and then cut it down the middle.

  • So they're small pieces.

  • We have one medium tomato.

  • We have lots of fresh coriander leaves, or then you and half of these are gonna be used during cooking half of it.

  • It's gonna be garnishing on top.

  • We have one tablespoon of ginger minced, and we have green chilies, finaly chopped to taste.

  • So the reason why reassuring you these ingredients ahead is because once we get to the store, it's a really quick recipe there.

  • So let's get there.

  • So we have one tablespoon of oil heating up in the pressure cooker to that.

  • We're gonna add the ginger.

  • I just took it for, like, 30 seconds content at half a teaspoon of turmeric powder, Alex.

  • And right after that, the onions go in and they're gonna cook this.

  • Tow the onions, tone translucent.

  • Thea onions are done, and we're gonna add green chilies.

  • Give it a makes you ready for the lucky produce of flame A little bit.

  • And I would have had 1/4 cup of water and salt to taste mixing it.

  • And we're gonna close the pressure cooker and allowed to whistle one time.

  • And one of the missiles were gonna turn off the flame and allow the pressure to go down.

  • Right?

  • So, Okay, the pressure's gone.

  • I'm gonna open it up.

  • I'm gonna give it a mix.

  • Looks good.

  • And I'm gonna turn the stove back on on a medium and we're gonna add one teaspoon of coriander powder, Happy's fuel off cumin powder, chopped tomatoes and a little bit of the cilantro.

  • Mix it.

  • We're gonna allow the water to evaporate a little bit and the tomatoes to soften.

  • So that's great texture right now.

  • Nice.

  • Big chance don't like big chunks of through the year.

  • Lucky so you can get your hand dandy potato masher, and it's kind of mash it down a little bit.

  • Or use the back of your ladle or spoon and just kind of mash it lightly and you can get it to the consistency that you like.

  • So it's been about five minutes and everything is incorporated will.

  • And at this point, that lock is really cooked, so you can cook it longer and dried up even more.

  • Or you can just leave it like this.

  • If you prefer the consistency like this, they're gonna keep the lighters.

  • We gotta turn it off and it's ready to.

  • So it's our lucky sub.

  • Z is ready to serve now.

  • We can course.

  • Garnish it with additional cilantro over the top moments.

  • Looking said.

  • Mom was lucky.

  • Thanks, Mama, for this recipe, it looks yummy.

  • And, um, lock your duty is is not a very pretty vegetable.

  • Once it gets cooked, it just, you know, kind of goes toe somewhere somewhere from its original state.

  • But in this case, it looks pretty.

  • You can still see the nice cubes and everything on that, and the colors are also very pretty right now.

  • Laki, actually is, is a vegetable that's summer vegetable, so it has a lot of water content.

  • That's one of the reasons why there's so much water in that, even though you just need a little bit to get the pressure going so that your pressure cooker doesn't get burned.

  • And the other thing to keep in mind is to, uh, this particular dish can be actually made without a pressure cooker, because Loki again can be really fast.

  • Just put it over there and kind of forgot about it instead of babying it.

  • So either way, and do it with pressure cooker or without the pressure cooker.

  • So you know, again, very homey vegetable right, something you have at home, not a look.

  • Not like, you know, restaurants that everyday, everyday, everyday cooking.

  • So this is one of those recipes that is great for toddlers.

  • I know many of you always ask for toddler recipes, so if you tone down the spices a little bit and don't make it spicy and just mash it down with a potato masher or, you know, even puree it, it'd be perfect for feeding your toddler.

  • And it's nutritious and It's yummy.

  • They're gonna love it.

  • So enjoy this yummy Lucky Suzie and join us again for another episode of Show Me the curry dot com, adding a pinch of spice to your life.



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