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Tintin, Ellie's tea shop, Austin's favorite cheese shop.
I'm gonna go inside and get some tips on making a cheese board and some suggestions for French and French style cheeses.
I know that they'll have great answers.
Hey, welcome in good health today.
So some nibbles.
Do you want to stick with?
Just Different cheeses are also French inspired.
Do you want to just taste with me?
I wanted Thio.
Give me a taste of the shed door.
So, chef door is a French cheese means golden goat.
And people always say, Should I grind or not?
Um, sometimes on a brie.
I do Or don't.
I tasted I always tasted and the dealer tastes great to me at the time with what I'm drinking.
Or maybe it doesn't.
It's off putting to me.
Um, this rhyme is when I always loved to eat.
So I would say Don't ignore it.
Especially with any bubbles you could even have, you know, Italian sodas.
Yeah, fizzy water.
But the reason why Effervescence of bubbles just lifts all those fats off your tongue and makes that perfect pairing for you.
It's just a gorgeous little all right.
So then our case goes into semi soft, firm and hard for a French party I think you have to go with contain.
It's my husband's favorite cheese, although we always We never say we have a favorite because we like them all, and we don't want anybody to get their feelings hurt.
They're known for being kind of savory, like onion and beef broth, sometimes eggy.
Sometimes you get the wildflower in it.
Sometimes I use Younger days and Greer's as cooking cheeses.
And then the more aged ones like this one, aged by myself petite, are great on a cheese board.
So then, if we did Chef Door, which was the little goats, milk cheese and a younger one great with bubbles that if you did your comp day, which actually goes really well with red and white lines if you were people are drinking various things and not all on bubbles on dhe.
That's your cow's milk cheese.
You have to do.
She, um, you don't have to, but I like of a rioting of a cheese plate.
Um, and Frances, certainly known for its role for so Rob pours a sheep's milk blue.
This is one of the smaller producers.
This is Gabrielle Kool Aid for and Sheep's Milk is known for being the richest.
It has the highest fat content, so it's known for its rich nuttiness to it.
We get really creative with her parents jar of jam that you're given one Christmas and that you just haven't done anything with because you always like, What am I gonna do with it?
And it's special.
My friend gave it to me.
This is a perfect time to pull it out and parent with things and see how it goes.
I really like to do savoury preserves, too, so kind of like a mommy.
It's fun to play with, but when we do cheese pairing as I do the same thing that you pair when you're doing anything so army, they're complimenting like flavor.
So, like something nutty with something buddy.
So putting nuts alongside this day would be great, or I like to hear sweet and salty, so contracting flavors so honey with the rope for would be absolutely amazing.
People are split between crackers or bread.
I actually just eat my two straight up, but my my husband is a bread fanatic all the way.
So if fresh break bread is available to you, I would always do a fresh baguette.
That was so much fun.
I've got my cheese coming to room temperature.
Got Mikey.
She's cooling.
I've got my champagne chilling.
All that's left is to toss my salad and change my clothes.
And then it's party.
Yes, it's party.
Wait, wait!


Build The Perfect Cheese Plate | Hilah's French Brunch | Hilah Cooking

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