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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com.

  • I'm settled, um, unusual.

  • And today we're gonna show you how to make chicken is too.

  • I remember we had early show you how to make potato issue.

  • No chicken issues.

  • Now, this is from the southern part of India from Cara.

  • So just another wonderful coconut based recipe from this Very simple.

  • So we have a skinless spice, and we cut it to bite size pieces and washed interest, and we just gonna add it into a pressure cooker.

  • We also have one medium potato, and we've just peeled it and cut it into little cubes like this.

  • Bite size pieces and in one tablespoon of vinegar, one teaspoon of salt, one cup of water make.

  • And once that makes them look good.

  • Close up and it's gonna go on the stove, and we're gonna let it whistle for one time.

  • And as soon as it whistles, we're gonna switch up the stove and let the pressure goes down.

  • So the pressure cooker whistle ones and we turned it off and allow the pressure to go down by itself, and it's all done.

  • Got it.

  • Open it up.

  • We're gonna keep this aside and work on the seasoning Medium flame one tablespoon off oil allowed to heat up Once the oil is hot, we're gonna add in one inch piece off cinnamon stick three green car demons and foreclose.

  • And right after that, two tablespoons of ginger, minced green chilies slipped to taste and one small onion.

  • Final place.

  • Now we're gonna cook it.

  • Thio onions kind of change color.

  • So you want them to become a little translucent?

  • Keep stirring so it doesn't burn.

  • The onions have changed color gonna know Adan our stuff from the pressure Coco.

  • So the chicken and the potatoes going which is allowed to come to a boil once again.

  • And once it comes to a boil, we're gonna add some coconut milk.

  • We're using coconut milk from a can, and, um and we're gonna add one can of coconut milk, and you can have more or less, depending on your taste.

  • And at this point, you can also taste liquid and see if you'd like to just assault breast down the potatoes just a little bit so that they get a little softer and they absorbed the flavour and they think in the gravy little bit, which is allowed to come to a boil once again.

  • So it's come to a boil.

  • I'm gonna add some more fresh curry leaves, turn off the stove and just cover it and that it just sit for a little while.

  • So chicken issue is ready to serve, so I'm gonna give it to try.

  • It is definitely more soupy consistency.

  • So it's ideal.

  • Were just drinking it with soup, but it is traditionally had with race with up.

  • It is very good.

  • I actually love it as a super moon, like a warm soup.

  • The flavors, though it is it is not very important to make it.

  • But the green chilies, because of injuries, provide that little kick and the freshness right now because otherwise does not really have anything green or anything any.

  • Then you know anything to make it fresh right?

  • That's lovely.

  • I'm really amazed because it's got such little ingredients as Farrah Spices are concerned.

  • There's there's not a lot a whole lot, you know that goes into it.

  • But yet the end product.

  • The flavors are very distinctive, very classic, so it's really, really a hearty meal, and I love the fact that it's easy to me.

  • Yeah, really good.

  • So if you like this recipe and he'd like to see more from us, please don't forget to subscribe because you were the 1st 1 to know.

  • Anytime we release a video and it's absolutely free.

  • So enjoy issue and China's again on another episode of Show Me the curry dot com, adding a pinch of spice to your life.



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